Rudy Giuliani has been dubbed ‘America’s Mayor,’ but his history is complicated.
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Rudy Giuliani’s long history includes the Reagan Administration, being one of the more successful U.S. Attorneys, and a number of runs for offices.

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7 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani may be ‘America’s Mayor’, but his history is complicated | USA TODAY

  1. He’s America’s traitor. Being a mayor of a city that experienced terror attack doesn’t make you a “hero”. Plus, the crime in NYC was already in a steady decline before he took office.

  2. Guiliani cleaned up NYC…Built the Country's 1st & only Nypd's Anti Terrorism Unit…Then cleaned Rio Brasil before the Olympics…2017 he built Bolsonaro's first ever Central intelligence agency…What can't he do!

  3. Trying to smear the former mayor now hu? USA Today is part of the propaganda problem I see. USA Today Hates Republicans

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