NVIDIA sneak attacks Radeon with the GeForce RTX SUPER lineup that is kicked off with the GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER cards. How do they improve over the initial offering and will it be enough to maintain competitiveness in the face of upcoming competition?
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28 thoughts on “RTX 2060 SUPER and RTX 2070 SUPER | NVIDIA Sneak Attacks Navi

  1. haven't watched yet but am hoping he focus' on the continued price gouging. bujt so far it sounds like hes overlooking it like the rest. Why?

  2. 2070 was poorly priced, it's a meh kind of release, what it should've been in the 1st place, rt is still useless, 6 or 7 ghz rays are not enough and still very taxing on the hardware. for those who want to skip 1st gen ray tracing they should skip this.

  3. The Shadow Of The Tombraider mins for example are insane when you compare the 2070 Super vs the 2070. Insane ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmounts of difference.

  4. A little pissed I bought the 2060 at launch. Hopefully they keep the market competitive for a few years when I'm ready to upgrade. Oh well, It's still a good card.

  5. I'm in the market for a new system for content creation and not gaming. Ray Tracing will be more beneficial for my use so AMD's GPU are out of the equation. RTX 2060S with the slight bump in performance and nearly or equal to the RTX 2070's performance is the ideal price to performance price range. I'll OC it if necessary.

  6. if true then it is hard to call the new 2080 a SUPER with just a 3072 196 64 48 384 48 8gb vs 2944 184 64 46 368 46 8gb a bump of 2 sm.

    also the Bandwidth bump due to increase Vram speed to 15.5Gbps, but is it just Samsung or could you also be getting a cards with Micron gddr6 cranked up to 15.5Gbps uh

  7. Yep was looking at 2060 super, but seems for $100 more at $499 2070 super is the way to go. And not planning to buy Navi.

  8. nice to see a $400 2060 super coming so close to a $600 2070 founders edition…. i realize its not a great price, but its still an improvement and it beats my 1080 hands down, which in my books isnt too shabby.

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