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  1. Ali Sajadi says:

    Wo hier kommst du milo?

  2. khalid CR7 says:

    CR7 😍😍😍😍

  3. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    عليكم السلام como esta

  4. Tka Scorpz says:

    Hi Miriam looking very nice with blue shirt.its my favourite clr

  5. lalruotlien Inbuon says:

    Love u milo..Best video ever and beautiful..

  6. ram rai says:

    I love you u yer

  7. رضاوي ابن العمارة says:

    خليت لايك لأن كالت ((السلام وعليكم )) والله

  8. Doris mejia says:

    Always good videos

  9. wadekar imran says:

    Love ur expression love u Milo

  10. Mohamed Djellaili says:


  11. Kamal sarif says:

    Hi how are you

  12. Jose Tovar says:


  13. Sedan Destroyer says:

    Her spanish 😍

  14. AG GO says:

    why you disappeard mariam

  15. Issam Clacher says:

    I love you from algeria

  16. BabyLingo August says:

    I'm in love with you i can't wait to see you one day I'm 21 year old

  17. Adam Alzorri says:

    The beast Chanel in YouTube and u awesome lady in the social media I love u from Australia ♥️🇦🇺

  18. Sanjaya Thapa says:

    I love you from nepal

  19. anime king says:

    If I need to know something about Mohamed Salah tell me and I will give you an answer because I am an Egyptian like him

  20. anime king says:

    I am an Egyptian like Mohamed Salah and my name is Mohamed Ali and I am also a fan of Mohamed Salah and you are one of his fans

  21. yudha pratama says:

    Milo you beautiful girl

  22. Angosom Tsegay says:

    she went
    to meri cr7
    milo kkkkkkk

  23. Raees Behzad says:

    I love you so much ❤

  24. SUSHIL KUMAR says:


  25. music channel says:

    Saludos por ti ❤miriam

  26. Ahmad Atayi says:

    Wohnst Du in Schweden?

  27. Javier Cervantes Hernandez says:

    'La próxima semana' you said it very well. I'm sick right now my headache is so bad but your video is like a medicine for me, I feel better 👌

  28. Maulana Kurniawan says:

    Hi milo 😆

  29. رافد رافد ماني says:


  30. Mostafa Alhadid says:

    I hope you can meet my girlfriend on a ps4

  31. CR7 CR7 says:

    Hala ronaldo 😍💙

  32. Ricardo Zimmermann says:

    Would be nice to see and hear you trying to speak german

  33. anime king says:

    I love your videos

  34. عبد الحكيم says:


  35. Abding Smile says:

    Milo I love you so much

  36. CR 7 Fan says:

    Hala Madrid

  37. Mustafa Omar says:

    Ilove you 😍😍😍🍬🍬

  38. Manuel 2001 says:

    Awesome 😎 video 📹

  39. Frek Berntzen says:


  40. ستار سانتانا says:

    milo 😘😍

  41. su Lama says:

    Jesus Christ.. What a ball 😀☺

  42. walid fares says:

    Great video thank you love you Milo 😘😍

  43. abu bashier says:

    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

  44. Ali Subaid says:

    Very nice good ok sorry hiii like Lov you yes no call me on

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