Romantic Cute Couple Goals Tik Tok US UK


  1. Salma Ebrahim says:

    I support LGBTQ

  2. Dennise Steenstra says:

    3:10 soooooo cuteeeee

  3. Jennifer Church says:

    The fris5 one tho it’s so cute~

  4. BalkanGamesZP says:

    Single squad where you at?!

  5. katja schäffer says:

    Amazing 👍🏻😍😘🙉🙊💑

  6. Felly Felly says:

    2:21 song pls

  7. Neda Marinkovic says:

    I love you 😘

  8. Happy Duck says:

    4:25 hottest kiss ever.

  9. Amber Martin says:

    Thanks u for liking my comment keep up with your amazing vids love it so much 😇😆

  10. Amber Martin says:

    The first one is so cute

  11. kathleen phillips says:


  12. Wuy Seng says:


  13. Aana Javier says:


  14. Bia Lima says:

    4:50 this is a music?

  15. Jessica Becerra says:

    Ala que su bio este video te quiero aser una Pregunta te gusta bts

  16. ملكت الملوك says:

    3:12 ???

  17. Oof M8 says:

    Go put your pants on
    Pants time
    Pants party
    You need pants!
    Put 'cha pants on!

  18. Mirjana Fuček says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤is so best romantic and my name is Antonio

  19. IF IL BRAWLER says:

    3:11 cutieeee (im gay 🏳️‍🌈)

  20. Dikshya Thapa says:

    Beat one of all tiktok

  21. LeslieGrizelle Cardenas says:


  22. Redi Adriansyah says:


  23. Klaudia Wilk says:


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