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Asus ushers in a new era of “affordable” gaming laptops with the new ROG Zephyrus G that uses the new 1660 TI graphics card by nvidia.
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46 thoughts on “ROG Zephyrus G (GA502) Early impressions & Benchmarks

  1. Mine performed underwhelming, when i tested it in cinebench r15, it only got 37-58 fps score on opengl. Can someone explain why could this happened?

  2. Thank you for this video, i was searching for something like this for my friend, my only question is, is it possible to cancel the fan noises (with pop up on the micro and Software settings ?

  3. The Zephyrus G GA502 is a nice laptop.
    Good IO, decent graphics, doesn't look to "in your face" gamy.
    However: The Rog Strix G G531 is a way better value. While sacrificing a bit of power efficiency and IO (No USB type C), you get a Hexacore I7 9750h and a 120hz screen.

  4. As far as i know, there isnt a displayport on this laptop. Is there any possible way for me to connect this laptop to an external 144hz monitor?

  5. Just note the one on Amazon is $100 less because it has 8GB of RAM and a 60hz display. Bestbuy has the 120hz vs with 16GB. I believe they have exclusivity for that config

  6. Man that is extremely cheap price for 1660ti laptop. In my country I can only get 1050 & 1050 ti laptop with low specs at that price.

  7. You have helped me make a purchase better than any YouTube reviewer … Subscribed as soon as I saw this… Thank you so very much and lots of love from India

    Also, please review the Asus strix hero 3 / scar 3 with i9 or i7 , and when you do please remember to test their battery(maximum time on power saving etc.) , Also for Asus Zephyrus s gx502 with rtx 2070

  8. Finally!! Thanks man
    Youre the first review video ive found about this in youtube.. Big big thanks, been really looking for it
    Nice review too! Kudos

  9. For 1200 dollars I preordered in amazon acer predator helios 300 gtx 1660 ti, 15'ips screen, 16 gigs of ram, 9 – th gen I7, better screen! Portable too!

  10. It's not about 1200$ but the card itself. The 1660ti should be able to push out more frames and have a constant 60+ frames. I guess it's because of the whole "slim" factor. I would like to see how a normal mobile 1660ti performs which for sure will push more frames than this but the main question is : by how much?

  11. Far Cry 5 : 3 small shuttering (But it wont be noticable) That's good
    GTAV : Good
    Maybe the Shuttering is just the Harddisk 100%. But so far so good. If this can compete I5-8300H, it's gonna be good. (It wont gonna beat I7-8750H, cuz the R7 3750H only have 4c/8t, meanwhile I7-8750H have 6c/12t and I7). I'm waiting for another benchmark stuff. CPU benchmark( Is it have throttle issues or not), GPU benchmark, 3D Mark, CINEBENCH R15. Cuz if it's not, it's just have the best freaking Price for the 1660 Ti.

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