1. JENNY SAKURA says:


  2. Blessie Shane Cubillanes says:

    Han Hyoo Jo's beauty is exceptional. She resembles TWICE Jeongyeon

  3. Latuaoa Poyer says:

    Haha's facial expressions for his DIY question..😆😆😆

  4. Colai Cornel says:

    Hyo Joo

  5. Muhammad Hilmi says:

    the problem is why they walk together is not a good way to play this game.. its unfair

  6. Rusty Double says:

    Wow jung woo sung really fast!

  7. I'm gay but says:

    Just realized they used cowboy bebop's opening at 4:40

  8. hen naz says:

    Can you guys find me an episode of kim jong kook and song ji hyo being a couple? I cant find it.. Please..the episode that they need to find who love song ji hyo in silent..and at last ji hyo choose kim jong kook..


  9. ButacuP PucatuB says:

    Thank you for the upload ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Hanna Hafizzah says:

    22:00 eit? Where's ji hyo? 😅

  11. Dushan Fernando says:

    Haha and Kwang Soo are useless lmao.

  12. Inks Hermit says:

    57:35 Flexing logic, reason and deduction

  13. Rocky Balboa says:

    anyone what a name of song opening title to introduce jung woo sung

  14. Wafi Muhamad Wafi says:


  15. Wafi Muhamad Wafi says:


  16. Alak WangRhu says:

    DIY- Difficult…im young hahahaha

  17. Morni Jahuri says:


  18. muhammad hanis says:

    31:49 what tittle song is that ?? I need to know pls

  19. EdgyBoi 69 says:

    10:42 Why are they playing Angry Birds music?!

  20. tetooska says:

    20:49 during science class we learned a half-moon is called a quarter moon .-. and that was like earlier this month

  21. rosiee 1420 says:

    Aylab thusssssss

  22. setiop says:

    Grim reaper group are dumbass.When 2 member was left,all they had to do was hide close to one of the camera and catch them.Haha and kwang soo were just useless in any help here.Tiger should be the first one on the list and rest won't matter even after all the camera are off.

  23. Sophia Bae says:

    This is Dahyun’s (TWICE) game!!! She would gonna turn off all the CCTVs in no time 😂😂

  24. Francis Ohyeah says:

    Do you guys know what ep where ji hyo is secretly ousting everyone with Kim jong look helping her. That ep where they thought ji hyo was absent

  25. Afifah Abdul Rahman says:

    They should oust Jae Suk earlier,i mean the order was a bad decision.Jae Suk hyung always has ways to figure things out,he’s the smartest member …

  26. Fritz Danica Comedia says:

    I was actually rooting for the grim reaper but what went to their doom are their poor decisions. Too bad .

  27. cutiediane2468 says:

    Was the bookstore they went to the same one RM from BTS went to and took that twitter pic?

  28. Mai Thao says:

    Love the older show so much surprises I can’t ever get bored of them 3rd time rewatching running man

  29. Lillian Li says:

    Jae Suk was AMAZING here

  30. Annisa Larasati says:

    For me jung woo sung never old😍😍😍

  31. Mr. Cringe says:

    No other ep

  32. Doaa Mohammed says:

    Wow!! Like a real action movie

  33. WinZ Warren says:

    What song at 24.21??help me pls

  34. Precious Fox says:

    Yoo Jae Suk is incredible!! I am beyond impressed right now! Everyone on Running Man is amazing, they found 108 cctvs in a 22 floor building, Jae Suk figured out right away what the elimination was about, locked Haha in a room and took his phone, and kept Hyo Joo from being eliminated…..I mean WOW! There are no words, all i can say is just WOW!

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