34 thoughts on “RM EP 151 ENG SUB

  1. Can you guys find me an episode of kim jong kook and song ji hyo being a couple? I cant find it.. Please..the episode that they need to find who love song ji hyo in silent..and at last ji hyo choose kim jong kook..


  2. Grim reaper group are dumbass.When 2 member was left,all they had to do was hide close to one of the camera and catch them.Haha and kwang soo were just useless in any help here.Tiger should be the first one on the list and rest won't matter even after all the camera are off.

  3. Do you guys know what ep where ji hyo is secretly ousting everyone with Kim jong look helping her. That ep where they thought ji hyo was absent

  4. They should oust Jae Suk earlier,i mean the order was a bad decision.Jae Suk hyung always has ways to figure things out,he’s the smartest member …

  5. Yoo Jae Suk is incredible!! I am beyond impressed right now! Everyone on Running Man is amazing, they found 108 cctvs in a 22 floor building, Jae Suk figured out right away what the elimination was about, locked Haha in a room and took his phone, and kept Hyo Joo from being eliminated…..I mean WOW! There are no words, all i can say is just WOW!

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