Riley Walters on TikTok Security Concerns: People Must Be Smart About What They Put Online


  1. Raine Aine says:

    I could give less shits I’ll still keep using TikTok that app ain’t gonna die out + what is the Chinese government gonna do with a bunch of teens making memes like “Kylie Jenner as a sim” y’all old people stupid. Every software spies on you (Apple, Google.) get over it

  2. faster than you Black says:

    If the chinese were controlling it the chinese wouldnt allow Isis on their platform. Have you seen how they treat muslims in china? Its horrible.

  3. Ace Hardy says:


  4. B. W. says:

    Uh oh, my Chinese citizen credit is gunna suuuuuuck.

  5. BF GF says:

    Tik tok is for retarded losers

  6. MiloTheSwift says:

    Oh now it's Chinese? It was Russian…so why is anyone listening to you anymore?

  7. Fred Compusmurf says:

    ALL products from ALL Chinese companies ARE controlled by the CCP.
    No if's, no but's, it just IS.

  8. 12cm32 says:

    Be afraid of something, anything…
    The terror…
    That isn’t there…
    Don’t be woke, wake up to this bs…

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