This is a review of the Lenovo Thinkstation workstation 32GB of RAM, NVidia Quatro P620 2GB 1TB SSD. Using the computer for about 6 months for Slicing 3D models, Increasing the subdivisions on STL files in blender, generating supports in meshmixer and video editing In Davinci Resolve, it has delivered and then some. I do not have any trouble with freezing or abnormal behavior even if I have a slew of software installed on the 1TB SSD. So far the unit is great but I would definitely love something much stronger with like 16GB of DDR Video RAM. There are some cons with it but It is a workhorse.

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One thought on “Review Lenovo Tinkstation Workstation computer p330 Tiny, 6 cores I7 32GB Nvidia P620 2GB 1TB SSD

  1. Great review, thanks. We've got a photo studio. My wife is doing Photoshop stuff, I am trying to learn some video related stuff. Using PowerDirector, as Resolve is a real resource hog on Intel gfx. My wife's laptop is starting to show some age, so we've thought about going the PC route. SFF being the max size. We are also looking for reliability. All gfx SWs are now switching over to HW support (PS, LR, on1, Luminar and others). If SFF can only take P1000 (P620), we might as well go for the Tiny version instead, as larger SFF size does not seem to bring in any other advantage, or does it? Not sure how often Lenovo brings in new models, but maybe it would be good to wait for a new generation. Being an IT guy, I could probably build a PC myself, but don't want to. So am lookinf for some reliable workstation to go with ….

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