31 thoughts on “RETURN TO CASTLE DRACHENFELS – Old Haunts Elf Handmaiden – Vermintide 2 Gameplay

  1. More Malus campaign and Warhammer 2 multiplayer coming soon! – I think this is one of the best maps we've seen in Vermintide in awhile, it just oozes atmosphere. I failed to catch it on camera for this run but when you first come around the rocky path into view of Castle Drachenfels itself and the lightning strikes behind it, got some serious nostalgia. Its a great run. For this Handmaiden gameplay, I wanted to give the Elf one handed axe a shot, and it is still fantastic for headshotting and blending armored enemies. But it doesnt have a lot of cleave, so I feel like Handmaiden is a good class to pair it with because she helps so much in the Stamina and Dodge departments. For Talents, I have Temp HP on kill (cleave is generally better but not for weapons that have low cleave obviously), Oak Stance crit chance, Smiter, Wraith Walk so I cant ever get cornered, Quiver of Plenty, and Gift of Ladrielle invis after ult

  2. What stat rolls are you using in this build? I've had the lingering suspicion of 1h Axe's viability lately. I have found some success with it on Shade and HM. Nobody else seems to be using it so I would be happy to hear your thoughts / rolls 🙂

  3. Wait. Is it me or does that axe keeps switching to a shorter handaxe when you block to a longer pole axe when you do that straight overhand sweeping chop 🤨

  4. You know i never understood in vermintide why the skaven devour everything except for the very fat pigs in the towns and farms as far as im aware the skaven lore never says they have an aversion to pork.

  5. God damn this has to be the longest Vermintide map we've gotten since The Courier in Stormdorf, and it seems like it puts even that one to shame

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