Resize ANY Image with “Fit Image” in Photoshop CC

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You can batch resize images to fit within a certain shape no matter if the images are in the landscape orientation or the portrait orientation. The “Fit Image” command is a great automation feature in Photoshop that works amazingly well with any action you’re creating in which you need to resize any image that you may run through that action.

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  1. Julia Hacker says:

    difficult to follow , too fast

  2. JCarlos Ferreira says:

    i GOT THIS MESSAGE: ReferenceError:Window does not have a constructor:224

  3. Allan T says:

    Like the tutorial but who's the audience you're trying to help?… slow down, it's not a race

  4. W olfenst3in says:

    ppl… slow the speed

  5. I Hate Living in Apartments says:

    where's the downloadable action

  6. SN N says:

    horrible tutorial

  7. Anna Collins says:

    You need to speak slower. We know you know it and you are awesome – but we don't know it yet. Speak slower.

  8. Go2-Ric Becker says:

    Slower please, we're (or at least I) am learning and it's a bit of a steep curve.

  9. harold leroy sr says:

    confusing as hell

  10. Jackal Zhao says:

    wow, thanks a lot!

  11. mesillahills says:

    It is way more versatile to search Google for a Script to do this. More flexibility and does not resize the canvas. You just bring the picture in and then hit the Script from an Action. You can bring any number of pictures in and place them on separate layers. Then highlight the one's you want to change more and do a Ctrl-T transition to all of them. Later you can crop in you want to.

  12. constanceyx says:

    didnt work for me. Nth changed after i played the action. What went wrong?

  13. mashed potatoes says:

    thank you

  14. Ramesh Raj Gautam says:

    locked content of 10 actions could not be opened inspiteof liking your page and share

  15. Frank Cich says:

    I agree with the other contributors. You speak way too fast, and more explain the "what" rather than the "how." I'm trying to copy several images into one background, and even after watching your tutorial three times, I still found myself lost.

  16. Carolyn Harper says:

    Whoa! Don't drink caffeine before making these tutorials!

  17. Paul Want says:

    The info is there, but at a million miles an hour. I know Americans speak quickly, but please, slow down!

  18. Zaryab Khan says:

    bro you are amazing in last comment some people may be not good in english. i also not good in english but i understand what you are saying. just keep it up and one more thing that i like your fast teaching way. you are good teacher. by your video i save my time to waste my time on other videos. i get all the things from your video.

  19. Julio Osilia says:

    How can I fit an image in inches?

  20. Teresa Davis says:

    Great video, but you go to fast for me and talk to fast also 🙂

  21. Dale Wilson says:

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

  22. Boaby Savage says:

    How do I resize images to upload to Instagram without having to crop them or make them square using a boarder?

    Your tutorials are so helpful.

    Thank you from Scotland 👍🏼

  23. Nathaniel Rosa says:

    Thanks this is rad!

  24. Mgz. says:

    how did you make the 3 pics in the thumbnail
    pls do a step by step guide thxs

  25. Matt James says:

    Speak slower and say it once… rather than the same thing, fast x3 times – and it would be a good tutorial.

  26. VideoVisualFX says:

    Hello! Great tutoria; but i have question on another topic.I have to do a big banner,700×15000 centimeters. Any idea on how to work faster with taht size? Thanks!

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