Researcher Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs | WIRED

Cats are famously temperamental and are generally considered to be less loyal and social than dogs. But recent research suggests that cats actually have similar levels of attachment to their human caregivers as dogs and infants. WIRED’s Arielle Pardes spoke with Kristyn Vitale from Oregon State University’s Human-Animal Interaction Lab to find out more.

Read Kristyn Vitale’s study, “Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans” here:

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Researcher Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs | WIRED


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  1. Darryl Calder says:

    Locking a cat in a room and then finding that the cat is relieved when the owner comes back just means the cat understands its happy its not trapped in a room anymore.

  2. Seeing Clearly Ministry says:

    4:43 how cute also dogs eyes are not brown

  3. The Pronoun I says:

    I've always wondered if cats have Stockholm syndrome.

  4. mcbrite says:

    That's totally ridiculous… In NO WAY does that experiment prove "cats liking their owners as much as dogs"…

  5. KoTu says:

    my cat is like: I will now sit on your chest for about 30 min and then go sleep somewhere else.

  6. Annonymous5411 says:

    My favorite part of my cat, is that my cat loves me the most. It doesn't treat everyone equally. It purrs and licks me and rubs on me. And looks at almost everyone else like a lowly human. lol. When I had a dog (I love my dog too), it spread it's love everywhere like a harlot and didn't love me the most. I am a selfish person, I want my pet to love me the most. Cats aren't as easy as dogs to get their affections.

  7. Choly says:

    my cat even tries to pet me gently with her front paws, I think she likes me guys… we didn't needed a whole study on it, that was such a dog person thing to do lol

  8. azzura mustapha says:

    I don't understand why people say that cats are mean. Why are they mean? Like any other animals or human, cats have a wide range of characters and attitudes. I love that cats have that 'i don't give a damn..I don't need to impress you to get what I want' attitude. Yup, cats have sass…

  9. Kay LA says:

    Us cat lovers already knew the truth! Cats are the best children!

  10. Cat life says:


  11. RK 9 says:

    Only people who have never had cats say that they are not affectionate

  12. BearAxeBear says:

    Cat is the owner! No one own the cats

  13. eonhite says:

    Was there a control group of cats that didn't have the owner enter, but a stranger?

  14. Cim says:

    Why wouldn't they have several people come back into to the room, and see if they had any special attachment to a specific person… or if anyone will do.

  15. bnenomore says:

    We've been domesticating dogs faaar longer than cats. In fact, what our ancestors loved about cats is their wildness. They depended on that instinct to kill rodents depleting their crops. Only recently have we started bringing cats in doors as companions. Through breeding & selection, I have no doubt that cats will one day be as hyper social as our doggos. They'll still speak their own cat language though. Just like in the friendly fox experiment, a social fox is still a fox lol Interesting video, thank you 🙂

  16. Echo Echo says:

    Having cats and dogs, personal experience is my dogs are more affectionate and physically loving like when i've accidentally stepped on their tails, they are so forgiving (or forgetful?) and were still very sweet and cuddly as if i never hurt them (it was accidental but i was afraid they might think it was intentional). my cats on the other hand are not as affectionate as my dogs but they do go for a cuddle every once in a while ONLY when they feel like it. also i noticed that maybe cats are not as forgiving (or not as forgetful) as dogs because when i accidentally splashed water on one of my cats, she ignored me for days and would walk away whenever i tried to pet her. i dunno..

  17. Chris Anderson says:

    Cats may like their owners just as much as cats like dogs? Sounds about right.

  18. thetwistedstrength says:

    Stopped watching a minute in. Security is not the same as attachment or affection. Just cause cops protect people doesn’t mean they are going to snuggle up to them.

  19. Coco Taveras says:

    To whoever reads this I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  20. ActionMovieFreak says:


  21. MARUF HOSSAIN says:

    Thanks .I have shared your video in my facebook group which is about Cat lover Community.

  22. Jani Steptoe says:

    This is the Strange situation experiment that has been done with infants by Mary Ainsworth

  23. Crystal M says:

    1st I’m not watching this video. I know why my cat loves me!
    2nd No true self respecting cat owner needs a blood scientist to tell them WHY their cat MAY love them!!

  24. nub_user says:

    I <3 CATZ !!!!

  25. foist says:

    My cat growing up was my best friend. He was more like a person than a dog in that not every day was 100% energy playday, but just like people you KNOW that they care.

  26. Ahoohi says:

    My kitten freaks out when i leave the room,an always gets under my blankets with me when i sleep.

  27. YumiDlovablE says:

    As i watch this
    My cat just stares at me all grumpy

  28. Neuro Weaver says:

    Then why do they wait for half a chance to …eat their owners?

  29. kampretofps94 says:

    Presenter is also look a cute cat to me.

  30. Kate Brown says:

    I have a clingy cat. Right now she is sitting on the arm of my chair patting me on the arm wanting me to cuddle her. She would be happy for me to sit here all day and cuddle her. I find it annoying sometimes. She follows me through the house, meowing at doors and generally getting under foot. I love cats but she is taking the attachment thing way too far.

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