Learn how to create eery transparent ghost effects using Mocha Pro’s planar tracking and Remove Module, Continuum’s Particle Illusion to generate wispy smoky elements, and Sapphire’s glow effects inside an Adobe After Effects workflow.

Learn more about Mocha Pro:
Learn more about Particle Illusion:
Learn more about Sapphire:

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4 thoughts on “Removing Objects for Creative Effects: Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion

  1. hello I have a prebleme, on a video I have the points of focus peaking (to make the focus of the small dots indicate the sharpness area) which are encrusted. The color of these clusters of dots is blue. do you have a solution and can mocha be able to delete, transform or something else? Would there be a solution with after effect, knowing that these blue points are not fixed and that we find them in all the image? Thanks in advance

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