Redmi Note 8 Pro review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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  1. V Chandu says:

    Any heating issues in extended gaming ??

  2. Havenson Bøy says:

    I just bought this device and I must say that this phone does an excellent job considering its price range. The battery really lasts long, and it doesn't lag nor freeze. However, the audio isn't that great.

  3. Victory 33 says:

    Look good

  4. Mang Kinor says:

    Watching with my rn8 pro rn

  5. TheFuriousBull says:

    Thats not forest green instead Gamma Green😘

  6. ankit gupta says:

    Redmi Note Pro is the best gaming smartphone I have seen in the recent period. The powerful MediaTek gaming processor is just superb.

  7. SpontaneousWeasel says:

    Great review for a great product ordered mine today!

  8. Andrew Sowerby says:

    great review, but I have to disagree with the comments that the battery doesn't charge very quickly. I'd say that the charging rate seems faster than most other phones: 0-39% in 30 mins might not sound so good, but when you consider that it's a 4500Mah battery, that 39% is actually 1755Mah of juice. That would be 58.5% of the capacity of a 3000Mah battery, and believe that 50% in 30 minutes is considered a good benchmark to hit, and I'd certainly be happy with that.

    All in all, it looks like incredible value for money. If only it had a higher res screen, I'd probably buy it now 😀

  9. Rustic Playz says:

    If anyone needs a better camera software i hear that you should use Gcam. Google Camera.

  10. Solo Noco says:

    Can anyone confirm if this phone has a Micro SD slot, for the UK/EU release?

    Reason I ask is, I seem to be getting conflicting information. The Amazon listing makes no mention of expandable storage, & someone asked the question, "Does this phone have dual sim?" to which another person answered "Yes, at the expense of a Micro SD slot" so according to that person, the phone doesn't have expandable storage…

    But I'm seeing reviews which mention it as having expandable storage, even reviews from the UK, even other websites which have it listed for sale mention it supporting TF/Micro SD cards so I'm confused, does it or does it not have a Micro SD slot in the UK/EU release?

    I don't want to buy it from some dodgy website & then receive the Chinese version or something. I just want the version made for my region, but if my region doesn't have Micro SD for some stupid reason then I won't even buy the phone…

  11. Sara Dravid says:

    Redmi Note 8 Pro Widewine L1 Certification Not Working in Amazon Primevideo FHD Not Playing, Pls Tell Me it is working or Not(Indian Unit)

  12. click3k says:

    Is that Thessaloniki?

  13. Nirvana For All says:

    Nothing about the Alexa built-in???

  14. blekdeni says:

    Mtk processor? No, thanks, I rather pass this one. Liquid cooler and still rn8pro is pretty warm! If you to buy then buy RN8! It is better then 8pro version!

  15. Kanao Tsuyuri says:

    Someone give me money to buy this phone plsss😭😭😭

  16. purebred iggy says:

    Parang c JerryRig ang boses mo

  17. Denis Pepic says:

    Headphone jack✅
    Big battery✅
    Chip for gamers✅
    Mid range quality ✅
    This phone is great

  18. Lincoln Fong says:

    thank you for your review ~

  19. Ahmed Kassem says:

    Note 8 pro or iPhone 7 plus renewed?

  20. Dimitar Iliev says:

    Am I the only one spotting the photos are taken in Sofia, Bulgaria? Is this your office location :O ?

  21. FirstNoob says:

    In Cambodia they sell for 239$ 6gb 64gb storage

  22. James Postle says:

    watching on my forest green not 8 pro this things a beast.

  23. Jonathan Sookoo says:

    Have the phone just about a month now. Battery is great. Camera still cannot be compared to my last sony. The battery however is way better. Graphics is okay. The layout of the side rocker keys are weird compared to my sony, sometimes trying to lower the volume I end up pressing the lock screen. I really dislike the Chinese interface. The screen as well is not amoled. The Infared port is very handy. I regret buying it so soon since the note 10 was released a week after I bought it. In all its great value for your money and you won't regret.

  24. mr mysterio says:

    Thier is no NFC In my note 8 pro ,😂😂😂

  25. mindhormone says:

    Has anyone tested their Redmi Note 8 Pro camera specs if it really is 64MP?
    like an online webcam test
    or using

  26. Rommel Dalman says:

    Thanks for the review, I guess I have to buy Realme 5 pro than this

  27. Lucas Souza says:

    Are you from the Flash tv show? xD

  28. eddie prince says:

    does this phone work with Australian network frequencies? I want to buy one off but don't know whether it will work where I live. I'm on Lycamobile carrier living in Australia btw

  29. Samer Alothman says:

    i have redmi note 8 pro the youtube videos and the color of the pictures is bad why can some one tell me ? is it because of the display itself or the is a bug?

  30. RaykoProd says:

    would you recommand me this phone or an samsung s8?

  31. Tristan says:

    When it comes to camera (rear / front) would you go for the redmi note 8 pro or the lgg8?

  32. Nikos Pom says:

    It's among the best and mediatek cpus performance is amazing i was surprised by that(almost like snapdragon) I tested many games on it and they were running very smoothly this is the best ever by xiaomi alongside the new mi note

  33. Lim Sandyhidayet says:

    Free phone I also don’t want ..if ready I have to take . I will paid 1000 don’t want give me 😭👍

  34. Lim Sandyhidayet says:

    I don’t I am promote their product cos I didn’t get any paid

  35. Lim Sandyhidayet says:

    My body and hearth totally don’t know how to recovery . But I like their bag

  36. Lim Sandyhidayet says:

    I use MI product totally feel like their stuff. Also worker only create problem for me not helping by promote MI

  37. the1point says:

    An upgrade for Mi8 please!

  38. Virginia Ngoru says:

    I wonder why they decided to do Mediatek instead of snapdragon

  39. KH Review says:

    A greet phone must say..for the price..better then the iphone for everything

  40. Akzork says:

    slo mo? how many max frames?

  41. Kiran Krish says:

    Sir how is the slow motion video recording!

  42. Theofilos Nikas says:

    9t pro or redmi note 8 pro?

  43. Burbon says:

    what game was he playing ?

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