Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Review – Any reason NOT to buy?

The best game ever made has come to PC, sadly the PC port needs redemption. Is it still worth the $60 in 2019? Or should you wait a while?
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  1. Overlord Gaming says:

    Footnotes: You don't need to play the first Redemption or even watch a play through. In fact, it would be better if you didn't as this game is a prequel. I also wanted to talk more about Take 2's business practices, but I thought the video was too long already.

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  2. Social Justice Warrior says:

    6:14 The best voice acting in the industry was in The Last Of Us.

  3. Religion LOL says:

    Got it for PC and it's boring. There's no point in being an outlaw in an outlaw game because the bounty system is broke like in every rockstar game. The law magically always knows who and where you are, as does every fucking random witness. They have laser beam accuracy and never miss. Just not fun at all. So fanboys save your "it's realistic" bullshit with me.

    Fast travel should be unlocked when you visit a new town. Horse should spawn on you when you whistle for it, not be out of range! Again save it with your realistic bullshit because this game is full of unrealistic bullshit.

    It's a nice looking game with a lot of time in development my pc runs it on all ultra at 2k ultrawide, but the controls suck and gameplay is boring. Realism does not work there's a reason it's a VIDEO GAME. Like I said there's plenty in it that's not realistic so, this game is just a huge chore.

  4. marcelo estay says:

    is got bugs but no matter what best game ever for me…!!! nice video !!

  5. Ethereal Beef says:

    I guess I chose the right time to buy this game lol.

    Runs very well, and I've had almost the opposite experience. Unfortunate it couldn't have been this good from the start, since I'm sure a lot of people preorded

  6. Titus says:

    This guy definitely has beef with Ubisoft's Assassins Creed

  7. Gogic 99 says:

    I really had serious problems with crashes,freezing,stutters at the lucnh,after few days from from lunch and few updates the crashed were completely gone but the freezing was there until recently when Nvidia brought the hotfix driver which eliminated the freezing completely and now it runs fine as it should have at lunch ,but this is for me some people still have problems

  8. LyuboA says:

    nop not the best game i ever play very good game but it was dumbed down with Very small and Empty World not so great story and lack of content outdated shooting mechanics broken wanted system and so on cause of GTA Online T2 golden goose if Rockstar had the time and freedom to truly develop RDR2 SP will would've get 10 times bigger and better game RDR2 SP was developed only to be a HOOK for their next MTX SCAM RDR Online nothing more

  9. MaTtRoSiTy says:

    It is an amazing game… when it is working. I had so many issues with this game I could go on about them but all I will say is I am still having the odd crash and the game refusing to start. Those who have potato PCs should probably give this a miss though and play it on console if they have one.

  10. korky7775 says:

    To be honest its just an ok game, lots of empty horse riding …Going mental in towns or cities is forbidden by the fact about a million law men will gun you down…

  11. Ivo Fixzone says:

    Yet another example of never-preorder-game fact. Don't pre-order Cyberpunk2077 either.

  12. Akash Tarafder says:

    I rate this game 5.5/10

  13. Ryan Elliott says:

    Good buuuuut rockstar couldn’t optimize the game for pc, figures

  14. CottonFly says:

    God, you're the most lifeless reviewer I've ever heard.

  15. SengirShowsU says:

    The Quest are simply greyed because the npcs have a day and night cycle. The time of day is key for the npc to be were it needs to be in order to start it. Nothing buggy.

  16. J Loren says:

    This game is fucking tedious. Consider yourself warned. I’m thinking TurboTax will beat it for game of the year. It is the only game I bought with my ps4. I literally can’t care about it even thoughts the only game. It is like going to the dentist to see a hot hygienist. It’s not brilliant. It is pretty, though.

  17. petquack says:

    I find it more sad that it took a full year for it to port to PC. I can see console gamers laughing at us PC gamers for bragging about Red Dead Redemption (RDR2) coming out on PC while console gamers have moved on to another new game. The issue of having it crash at launch after a full year of waiting just puts more shit on top of the ridiculousness.

  18. Ramin Imran says:

    Very good video Thanks for the pc review!

  19. Yak says:

    Epic store no thanks. Maybe when it arrives on Steam.

  20. Damir Sadikovic says:

    Its such a good PC game that my mouse cursor refuses to leave the screen when I play.

  21. LukeJS says:

    nah witcher 3 is significantly better IMO but RDR2 is my second favourite tho and the game works amazing for me now after some patches on PC

  22. clever g says:

    I'm waiting my ass off to the next gta i still play gta v much more than rdr2 nowadays, i think it's more funny and easy to play 1-2 hours

  23. DEDADUDOTO says:

    The game used to crash and freeze a lot more in my computer at the beggining, now it's way more stable, even having a gtx1060 6gb. But in frame rate I need to play at 30 hz to have a smoother experience. I think I'm one of the luky ones.

  24. Bikertyke 1965 says:

    Loved it on PS4. Played ok on my GTX1060. But got a bit of stuttering. Upgraded to a 2060 and playing a lot better with ultra texture and high medium on the rest. A few advanced on lower setting's. Getting an average 80fps. No stuttering. No input lag but I prefer Xbox one controller as I'm used to it on console.

  25. Haider Pervaiz says:

    Great video as expected but how much porn tabs u got open to justify over 20gb ram usage haha

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