Red Dead Redemption 2, GPU Benchmark, What You'll Need To Play!

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Red Dead Redemption II Benchmark
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  1. Hardware Unboxed says:

    Sorry about the re-upload. I had to delete it because I made a silly mistake in Excel. Basically the 1440p and 4K graphs were pulling their labels from the 1080p data so the arrangement was incorrect. All fixed now!

  2. Konrad says:

    Gamers Nexus benchmark lists RX 5700 XT below RTX 2070 Super

  3. Dave Woolley says:

    Looks like Tim's got his work cut out with this one…. I need best settings for I79700k 2070 at 1080p…thanks Tim

  4. Shahabaz Khan says:

    I'll give you a like for your hard work!

  5. DIAOSKY MOLE says: DF's analysis about improving PC's FPS by choosing the X1X's optimised settings with just ultra texture and geometry level , instead of choosing all of the same high settings, because some high settings have really tiny influence on visual experience, which is quite useful for PC gamers to improve FPS. 2080ti can stay about over 60 FPS at X1X settings all the time.

  6. Sean-E-Boy says:

    Got a radeon 5700XT with the new Ryzen 3800x its awesome.

  7. Dutch van der Linde says:

    I’ll quickly answer the question for you so you don’t have to watch the video.

    A NASA computer.

  8. Jammin6796 says:

    i think this game is just very poorly optimized.. the game graphics are pretty horrible .. and these top end gpus. are struggling at best..

  9. pukeylukey199 says:

    Wait for updates and improvements so to not fry GPU.

  10. JensaiZujo says:

    Damn, this makes my 1060 and intel 4770 setup feel like garbage now, as if this generation of games wasn't already catching up.

  11. Sushil Sahu says:

    I'm planning to buy used GPU, just confused between RX 570 4gb($85), RX 480 8gb($110), and GTX 1060 6 Gb($100). which one shoud i go for?

  12. Martin Brankov says:

    Lol I’m with a 1060 damn i should upgrade in 2020 with Ampere architecture!

  13. Inn0cent Sinner says:

    What a bad time for the RTX 2080 Ti to be discontinued and the ones that are left are above MSRP.

  14. TheSoarc says:

    thanks. this video finally get all information i needed

  15. Amir says:

    Joke : Hope the future 4080ti card runs this game flawlessly.

  16. Pitek says:

    Guess it's time to swap my 1070

  17. Paladin says:

    Fuck Nvdia man, WTF is up with 1070 on pair with 590??? In case well done, AMD, I would bought one if my place had any good deal on it. EDITED: Its better, I remember it used to be on average at least 10 FPS higher.

  18. Samuel Godoy says:

    Running it in a 1060 3GB with almost everything maxed out except textures and shadows which need more VRAM than I have. Set the vsync to half (30FPS) and motion blur on and it's smooth enough for me, no stutters whatsoever and got 1% at 27 or so. DX12 didn't perform quite as good tho in my case.

  19. Clorox Hammer says:

    This may possibly be the worst port of a console game to PC from Rockstar Games as far as optimization goes. But I hope they fix it unlike Grand Theft Auto IV which remains unfixed and unoptimized as hell.

  20. Jacob McCollum says:

    This game may force me to upgrade from my GTX 1080.
    I play at 1440p and those results are disappointing.

    The good thing is that my wife plays this game too, so I may have her support on a gpu upgrade lol

  21. QueiTreSuYouTube says:

    Bro you just copied someone's video…

  22. Alonso Gabriel says:

    Patiently waiting for optimization guide.

  23. MrAudi220 says:

    Yep very heavy game and it was a major hassle to get past the intro because hdr was enabled by default and i have a non hdr monitor,so i got blackscreens but sound and controls where working.I also was surprised how demanding this game is and i was lucky to hit 70fps now and then on 1440p with a 1080ti with kraken g12 and 280mm aio.And yes the benchmark run is to long.And i also got the bug afterwards that everything seemed to freeze and i had to ctrl-alt-del to get out of the game,this seems like a buggy console port.i also had mouse and keyboard issues in the menu where i only could use my xbox controller.Other then that it ran fine for the hour and a half i played last night.

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