RECREATING TIK TOK MEME VIDEOS 7 (Ridiculous Product Pranks)

Recreating MORE of my favorite funny Tik Tok videos… Part 7!! But this time I focus on buying ridiculous products I’ve seen on TikTok in order to prank Bobby.
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  1. Firestardude says:

    “I found this on TikTok!”

    “Of course you did”

  2. E Fencer says:

    Because you spent so much money,have this money
    / 😉

  3. Gacha_bella says:

    when bubby said "TikTok" at 6:41 I could just feel the slowmo moment happen! just him thinking why…

  4. TheHacker234 Hacks says:

    Video idea:Go out in public and just go in random stores and do your thing with the tube man (like if you want Luren to do it)

  5. Libertykapri Massey says:

    Lauren: oh mah gosh I was gonna do more but I didn't wanna wait anymore ink
    Bobby: What are you- Oh mah gosh

  6. Libertykapri Massey says:

    Took one frickin second for me to know that this was the weirdest video I have very seen😅😂

  7. Candy Baker says:

    i love your vidos im 7

  8. Elize Joubert says:

    I want hiiiiim

  9. Dovile Batkeviciute says:

    I love the sticker prank

  10. Dovile Batkeviciute says:

    I laughed the hole video because the red man was so funny climing

  11. aishat chritabell says:

    What the heck

  12. Ava Sev says:

    Should l be afraid

    Yes l should be 18:23

  13. Angela Hummelgard says:

    Omg i have one of those robots!!

  14. Itz_Melody says:

    This is the best!

  15. Cute LOL Unicorns says:

    The only Ariel Lauren became was the one that lives in a basement for most of her life and hasn’t seen the sun for 20 years

  16. Cute LOL Unicorns says:

    Lauren: comes downstairs in a inflatable tube man thing.

    Dexter: these are the times I am begging to be put down

  17. jayden Norton says:

    no lol hi

  18. SuperCassTV says:

    Did you
    Think I was a chair

    Lurenzside 2019

  19. Christian Offutt says:

    Much chair very much chair 👌

  20. Galaxy Kawaii UwU says:

    When my friends and I were in kindergarten, we called the inflatable men thingys "wipple wob wobble men"

    15:25 I DIED!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  21. Cool. Girl.23 says:

    Probably I am only one person but I like watch Bobby suffer

  22. Phat Angelika says:

    Ok Lauren how much milk did u put in Bessy

  23. Mikamilia_ Gacha says:

    Bty my name is Ariel Kiara

  24. Midnight Shadow's Storm says:

    7:24 pause

  25. Cher Lockwood says:

    No you didn't blend in with your chair why you even try that

  26. Tereza Navrátilová says:


  27. Mara Ankenman says:

    vector is just a spinoff and worse version of cozmo

  28. Layla Martinez says:

    You are inspiring omg I love you

  29. Keziah Yman says:

    Lauren today is my sister's birthday could you please send us some of your merch since it's my sister's birthday

  30. MovieKillers YTSquad MJFG says:

    I'm dying XD that with the cow killed me XDDDDDD

  31. Tharina de Lange says:

    First it was musically then tik tok next it’s gonna be crazy videos 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  32. vanie e says:

    The video was so hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Figgy's Bookish Universe says:

    I totally lost my shit with the air dancer!

    Also, apologies if you've answered this elsewhere, but what kind of dog is Dexter? The Google says he's a Staffy Bull Terrier, but it looks like he has something else in there for sure, though he doesn't look at all like the Staffy Bull Terriers we have in Australia look VERY different.

  34. Isla Bell says:

    0:42 :O Where did Lauren go?

  35. Alexa Clark says:

    I got a vector for my birthday and I got it six days early so I’m literally crying to open it I really wanna open it I’ve watched the vector part like 30 times now LOLZ

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