Reacting To TikTok Piercing Fails | Piercings Gone Wrong 28 | Roly Reacts

Reacting To TikTok Piercing Fails! Piercings Gone Wrong Is back! Today I react to TikTok piercings going wrong! So from piercing your nose with a piercing guns and sewing needles to TikTok’s Piercing Roulette I react to some of the worst piercing videos from TikTok! Please do not pierce yourself at home and please do not use this “Piercing Roulette” filter
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My Last Video “Piercing Myself From Jealousy | Reacting To Hate Comments 30”

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  1. Roly says:

    Thanks for all the love! Please like and follow me below <3
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  2. CrAZy fOr mYsElF says:

    He stole my car keys.

  3. CrAZy fOr mYsElF says:

    PFTTTTT when you know you're gonna fail your math test 1:16

  4. Vevendeeruska says:

    But like if someone is a professional diagonal, can they pierce themselves?

  5. Dove Natale says:

    Soo cringey…🤯

  6. Katarína Múčková says:

    Emm I have 9 piercings and I made them all at home by myself and they are totaly fine. Like I've done it the same was as profesional would do it I got even a piercing nedle. I don't think that its comletly bad to do piercings at home. Like even the profesional piercers had to learn it somewhere at firs🤯😂

  7. violet tries says:

    Please can you do a reaction video on Brian Keith Thomson he is a piercer all you have to do is search up Brian Kieth Thomson piercings xxxxx

  8. Kelly Was here says:

    Is that first one real?? Like is that a possible thing to have?? I have so many questions lol

  9. Jessica Carta says:

    my best friend pierced my third lobe a few weeks ago with a SOWING NEEDLE yes i know it's bad but i wanted it for so long and my parents said no. so far they are healing great with no infection

  10. Olivia Q says:

    Roly losing his mind for 10 minutes

  11. xoDayPlays says:

    When I was about 9 I wanted my ears pierced again so my mum took me to the hairdressers who did it with a huge ass gun… and it got jammed on my ear. I screamed that shop down for ages it seemed an had 4 hairdressers yanking on my ear trying to get it off.. so I did it myself when I was 14. I'm now 24 and will never ever ever go near a piercing gun again, I have flashbacks every time I walk past it. 😂 At least I got my my other piercings done professionally! 😊

  12. Kerry-anne Middlemore says:

    Omg that girl with the fucking labret spaghetti is an icon I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

  13. Kerry-anne Middlemore says:

    😂😂 that girl fucking haha shaking her Claire’s solution

  14. Anastasia Gardino says:

    I literally bursted out laughing on this part omg I laughed so hard I'm crying 4:06

  15. Luna Leviethan says:

    Tik tok piercings give me anxiety.

  16. kade Taylor-guest says:

    Roly how do keep people from touching your piercings? I've had my eyebrow pierced for 2 weeks now and people wont stop asking to touch it and even if i say no they do it anyway, its starting to get really annoying

  17. Alyssa Zimmerman says:

    Come off it!

  18. Jaq Eliasson says:

    my mum and her sister pierced each other with needles and a potato 😭 (thankfully just the ears but yikes)

  19. Jaq Eliasson says:

    yess brendan jordan!! (the person dancing behind gaga)

  20. Lucy And Op says:

    Omg Roly my dear beautiful eyes. 😘 Missed u! I want a unicorn bag. Sooo cute! Losing my well to leave. Lol made my day 😂🤣 Jajajaja

  21. eye lish says:

    when he talks like a goblin it’s so hilarious omg 😂😂😂

  22. Fulla Albusaidi says:

    not all home piercings gets an infection you look so stupid saying that

  23. Fulla Albusaidi says:

    i did my ear piercing at home and it turned out perfect it okay to do it at home

  24. RuthlessSuraimi 415 says:

    2:07 "Go away Barbra!" 🤣🤣

  25. sam triangle says:

    Im just like Roly lmao I just got my septum done.
    For all you guys getting a piercing:
    – get it professionally done
    – clean it everyday
    – don't touch it
    – don't go swimming for at least 2 weeks
    – if it didn't heal right. Dont change it. Go to your piercer or a docter!!

  26. Erik Stevens says:

    Girls at our school pierce themselves in the bathrooms. I saw one girl who'd pierced her eyebrow and put a stud in. I told her to put a hoop in and then it got infected so she took it out.

  27. Katie Baker says:

    Well look are you ears

  28. Allie Wilson says:

    oh my god i saw a piercing tiktok that i absolutely have to send you if you haven't seen it already

  29. Samantha Squarl says:

    Both of my home piercings got infected (belly button an eyebrow) But, even as a 13yr old kid, with no internet or training, I had the common sense to take them out… wtf, lol

  30. DElaine Garland says:

    I’m triggered!!!

  31. DElaine Garland says:

    Say NOOOOO to piercing guns

  32. DElaine Garland says:

    I am all for body mods because I have plenty, but please go to a studio before you cause extreme permanent damage tryna to do things at home by yourself or a friend

  33. Krispy Kris says:

    That girl kinda looked like Ragina George probably spelt her name wrong.

  34. DElaine Garland says:

    These people are legitimately stupid asf

  35. DElaine Garland says:

    Ugh I miss my smiley

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