as requested a bunch of people wanted me to react to my sisters tiktoks so I decided to do it and lets just say…I am so disappointed that she would even post something like that online wow.

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  1. touchdalight says:

    10k likes for part 2

  2. withGrace says:


  3. Sophie Connor says:

    Millie's 19 😂

  4. Honey Honey says:


  5. Libby 123 says:

    Lol love it how you chat sh*** about saf when she is doing so much with her life and your a nobody loll sort this out

  6. Honey Honey says:

    Carmie do a video reacting to Ed tiktoks! Omg that be so good and see the two fuck boy tiktok he has

  7. elise louise says:

    sibling goals🥺

  8. Honey Honey says:

    Millie is so me on how we feel about tiktok 😂. I download it as a joke now I’m obsess with it and I have like five tiktok crushes the boys are so fine in that app.

  9. Ruby O'Sullivan says:

    Clickbait 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤑🤑🤑

  10. goddess says:

    um does kate know about this

  11. Sir Gaming says:

    So she is your mum and and your sister sounds legit

  12. prxncessF xo says:

    she’s such a slag

  13. dAisy says:

    Brother and sister goals

  14. H A N N A H Shaukat says:

    Siblings goals 🥰

  15. LucySlater xo says:

    she's 15…

  16. Liberty Welsh says:

    Omg siblings goals!! Wish i was this close☹🤪

  17. Amy-Jane Jagger says:

    really liked the video! Don't understand the clickbait… she's 15 hmm

  18. Paige Heye says:

    I love watching mum and dad of YouTube but like not mum and dad together because mum and dad are carmie and Kate but like king and queen of YouTube❤️ PERIOD🙅🏻‍♀️

  19. Chloe O'Carroll says:

    U should do more videos w Millie 🤪

  20. Pacify Her says:

    She’s actually STUNNING

  21. Lia M Morris says:

    I thought she did them ironically fgs

  22. Leah Thompson-Ainslie says:

    when’re you going to stop selling yourself short, stop the clickbait titles and create content you’re proud of and interested in? You’re in a friendship group that preaches about only being friends with people you vibe with her your youtube personality doesn’t even “vibe” with yourself

  23. Isabella Pavic says:

    okay but like millie can actually like get it 😳

  24. Amy Clark says:

    I can’t believe I missed Millies 15th birthday! 🙁 x

  25. Chloe Scott says:

    Omg sibling goals lol

  26. MrRushFilms says:

    Ur sister gonna look 50 when she 30

  27. Jeremiah Garcia says:

    Your content is bad. Why do you act so gay. Like cmon now.

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