Jokes with Donald Trump, long faces with Theresa May. That’s the way Vladimir Putin likes to roll at the G20 summit in Japan.(Subscribe:

Mrs May raised plenty of tricky subjects during an 80-minute encounter with the Russian President in Osaka, describing the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on a former Russian spy and his daughter as a “truly despicable act”. By contrast, the US President made a light-hearted quip about allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.


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26 thoughts on “Putin jokes with Trump and is scolded by May

  1. We have such a strange relationship with Russia – it's neither love nor hate but a sort of skepticism of one another. WHY???

  2. without giving a stand on putins position, its somewhat cheap linking it with human rights n whatnot to make your standpoint stand. where did that come from n why was it brought to the mix? for the thing itself not being that-great?

  3. What a pile of…propaganda. Putin’s response to the Skripal poisoning was more than “traitors need punishment” as was implied. He explained that Skripal was sentenced & went to prison as punishment for being a traitor. That was conveniently left off the broadcast….propaganda in action.

  4. funny how the british don't want terrorists brought to heel and perpetrators of underage prostitution rings by asian migrants and acid attacks but … russia…is the danger….right

  5. Channel 4 cut 90% of the interview cilp to fit their globalist agenda shame and they wonder whu they are called fake news😂😂😂

  6. Russia is not a totalitarian state you simp. Edward Snowden is there because the went want him in jail for telling the truth.

  7. people of russia and the world are not dumb if the world boss,s get to bad the people rise up and kick them same thing will happen here

  8. wow rump should just bow and kiss putins feet that is so sad to see ,

    how in the name of every god did putin get trump he really dose own him

    i see now why putin said in 2016 that if trump is not picked its war lol he tho he was about lose for what he payed for haha

    the people of the usa do they even know how far trump has made the usa fall

  9. Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed Donald Trump was kidnapped by Putin, out in the wood! Siberia? I was also kidnapped and Putin shoot me in the throut..!

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