[Product] Perfect Laptop for Content Creation? Brand New AERO 15 OLED Review!


  1. Donovan G says:

    Well done! Thanks!

  2. Mr KKC says:

    I thought this is a good laptop until the right fan starts rattling due to poor balancing during the manufacturing, Gigabyte where the fuck is your quality control. It seems like it's not just one laptop that got affected, but a whole batch

  3. Paweł Głomski says:

    Put same OLED in the AERO 17 and I will buy it.

  4. captainfabregas says:

    @GIGABYTE I've searched far and wide for information on the brightness of the Aero 17 displays. I've asked retailers and none can help. Could you please tell us what the brightness (in nits) is for the two display options for the Aero 17? This is the only thing holding back a purchase.

    – 17.3" Thin Bezel LG 144Hz FHD 1920×1080 IPS anti-glare display LCD

    – 17.3" Thin Bezel AUO UHD HDR Adobe RGB 100% 3840×2160 IPS anti-glare display LCD

  5. Allen A says:

    I miss the orange one

  6. Nitin Kumar says:

    either speak or play music…don't do both at same time!!!

  7. I K says:

    So where is that sweet silver keyboard shown off at computex? The 15" silver edition has the black keyboard, bleh

  8. Default TV / Дефолт ТВ says:


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  9. Rohan Leander says:

    Team Gigabyte I'm so exited to see your new aero 17. And I'm planning on buying one myself.

  10. Alpha100 says:

    When are you releasing Aero 17 ????? Please let us know !!

  11. maans le roux says:

    Hey team. How about some teaser videos on that amazing Aero 17 with the 4K screen!!!

    I know launch is still a crazy whole month away but keen to start seeing it. Really hope you guys use the full space available to really deliver great thermal solution even better than Aero 15. I see the Alienware is also undervolting straight out of the factory. Any plans to do the same?

    Rooting for you guy to kick Alienware and Dell in the teeth with this beast.

    Also as I said before, please plase bring it to Malaysia and not just some skimped version. We would love to have the 4k RTX2070/2080 version here so I dont have to import from another country.

  12. Cloud Strife says:

    Please provide a compatible SO-DIMM RAM and SSD & NVMe SSD upgrade brand and tutorial.

  13. sandy gomez says:

    Is the 240Hz FHD screen a TN panel or an IPS panel?

  14. SwagwalkerTV says:

    yall making apple look like a laughing stock

  15. YUSHUA ELIAS says:

    What is sound quality like

  16. Rohan Leander says:

    Ok gigabyte do a review of your aero 15 classic please and your aero 17 also. I'm so exited.

  17. Fellow illuminati member says:

    Will you be releasing the white version of this laptop?

  18. Daniel Barakat says:

    I like the jams. I think there was someone talking in the background?

  19. Jasic says:

    pls use a noise filter to remove the noise

  20. Steve Ramirez says:

    Omg the music is distracting. Review is unwatchable.

  21. ASHOK VS says:

    Music is too loud, not a good content creation example 😉

  22. Crazy Q says:

    Where is the aero 17?

  23. Filipe Santos says:

    Where can I buy it ?

  24. Kevin says:

    Will there be a 240hz IPS variant in the silver chassis? If so, when will it be released in Australia?

  25. G Perkins says:

    I really wish the white was available before the end of August. I'd love to purchase one.

  26. Schläfer says:

    When will this release in Europe with QWERTZ keyboard?

  27. Brent Greeff says:

    Whoever did the audio mix needs to be kicked in the balls

  28. maans le roux says:

    Guys bring that 17inch to market. Thats where my money is. I am glad these tiny screens make so many people happy but I love the larger 17inchers. Do it!!!

  29. captainfabregas says:

    1. Any issue with glare on the screen?
    2. How much have you improved sound emmission over previous models, especially at low/medium workloads?

  30. Tony Pugliese says:

    how do you market something to content creators and upload a video with music louder than the guy who is speaking

  31. Quyrew says:

    Nope, good product but prefer my gx701gxr

  32. I K says:

    Any changes to the keyboard or still the same crappy one from previous gens?

  33. Pancho Pantera says:

    would you recommend this laptop (240h ghz screen) for gaming ????

  34. khaada1 says:

    Is there any change to the keyboard travel?

  35. Black Panther T’Challa Lem says:

    Is this good for VR

  36. 8strings says:

    One minute in and I had turn this vlog off. For Christ sake, do you ever check your videos before uploading? That 'background music' is way too loud and totally unnecessary. Thumb down!

  37. cole sweet says:

    I heard you cant order it anywhere as they have not received shipment. Where can I get this laptop TOMORROW? And not in august?

  38. Vinith S. says:

    when would the white version be available?

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