PRO Winter Wyvern Gameplay | Advanced DotA 2 Guide

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This guide features some pro Winter Wyvern and advanced play-by-play analysis by pro player, Speeed!

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  1. severn j says:

    noob here. what about urn?

  2. Wnuczek says:

    * cough *

  3. Lord yasha says:

    >spams w > loses lane control > enemy ruined the try of pull twice > ez -25, then i stoped spaming that and using it on the last creep to not push lane for no reason > stranger bad player pushes the lane on his own > pulled > he keeps doing it and dives the tower with enemy axe > ez -25 > uninstalled dota

  4. Alexandre Canepa says:

    pls, make some video about support when you are losing the safelane and the mid. How to rotate without being flamed by both mid and hc

  5. _popofficial says:

    I pretty much relate in this kind of play style with Wyvern but the addition of defending your tower while your core heroes are dead or away is really helpful. I'm gonna start doing that so that the enemy core won't get that much farm compared to just leaving the lane empty. I love playing with Supports like Wyvern and I do agree that timing the Curse and the Embrace is kind of challenging in the beginning.

  6. MrOdrzut says:

    Nice video, thanks. I main ww but I'm much worse (1.6k mmr). What do you think about going tranquil boots -> eul scepter (void stone first for mana) instead of glimmer cape? I basically don't need clarities at 15minutes anymore thanks to that, and at 20-25 minutes I have eul and have a pretty big power spike takieng a few kills and lots of assist to buy most of ether lens. That still playing as pos 5 so buying lots of wards and a few smokes. After 30 min I go pipe of insight/shiva's guard/agham scepter depending on the game. Probably bad build but it works at 1.6 mmr 🙂

    Also – I always take more damage talent instead of gold as pos 5 cause it makes lasthitting when defending towers much easier, so it pays for itself cause I don't lose gold and I defend a lot at around 1-15th level.

    BTW splinter blast is great for finishing escaping heroes, especially with ether lens. if they escape near neutral camp or their creeps or other enemies they are so easy to finish 🙂 Also works great as a finisher after winters curse, just cast as it is ending on the enemy with the most health.

  7. White Hair says:

    Mad respect for your videos and the cool, calm, especially collectiveness you display in your replays. But man you gotta drink some water when you do these replay commentaries so your voice doesn't go out.

  8. Kent Takaishi says:

    I need a video about pos 5 in general in 5-6k bracket atleast /

  9. Marth Weh says:

    Please write your speech beforehand and at least read it twice or thrice, your content is great but narration sucks. It takes a lot of effort just to listen to what you are actually try to say. Your "ahhhh" and "you know" is unnecessary let alone sudden pauses.

  10. Pheng says:

    thanks : )

  11. Clay Holo says:

    More support guide pls

  12. ASJOOWJCS says:

    people still refer to Wyvern as "he"

  13. StanleyBtw says:

    Estaba pensando en adquirir una suscripción pero creo que todo lo que enseñan es en inglés

  14. Capnox says:

    Why are graphics so low

  15. Gerald Fernandez says:

    Cant you just make all of your videos free and just put some ads or something?

  16. Rane_ vishwajeet77 says:

    Make ember spirit pro guide plzzzzz

  17. DreadWinG says:

    I love you Bsj

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