Pro Tips: Disable Sticky Keys on Windows 10

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Few “features” can illicit rage from users like Sticky Keys. One of those accessibility settings which only ever seems to be activated by accident. Here’s how you can disable it!

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  1. PhoenixGamer10 | Gaming says:

    Tries speed bridging in bedwars
    Stickey Keys: D I E

  2. XXHeroickXX says:

    Thanks Now I can Use Oppressor Mark 2 with peace…

  3. 8834 says:

    I need some help with this
    Sometimes when I play for a long period of time, when I type, my A key would go back to the beginning e.g. If I try to say "what" it says "at" instead. Are you able to help me?

  4. Land Mine says:

    This frustrated me while playing sekiro

  5. Five Night's at FoxLife_Real says:

    Me trying to twerk in Minecraft

    Sticky Keys :- Would you like to toggle sticky Keys?

    *Watches this video and throws computer off the empire state

  6. Zodiac A1M says:

    Now i can ninja bridge to skywars mid

  7. Mark Jakims says:

    I had to do sticky mouse also for games not to alt out

  8. Chilled Madness says:


  9. enKoodEr says:

    thank you

  10. QiLippiz RoachDogg.JR says:

    my fucking god thankyou so much i was about to change my keyboard before this video

  11. Aaran Naraa says:

    Thank you su much👍👍👍👍

  12. SquareTatsuyahattori says:

    Me playing csgo:
    Sticky keys : hi
    Me : keemstar screams

  13. Richard Minder says:

    That was getting annoying playing wow and getting interrupted thanks man

  14. alec edit says:

    NoW I cAn dAncE iN mIneCrafT!!!

  15. DillyzThe1 says:


  16. The Admin says:

    Finally I can ninja bridge with no problem! Thanks!

  17. not laugh didnt funny says:

    YES , finally can speed bridge without this message interrupting me

  18. VeLsOnSt1Le says:

    How can i disable enter key ?

  19. Broke & Sad says:

    This fucking keys always kills me in brawlhalla

  20. ツZed says:

    Thx bro now i can NinjaBridge in minecraft SkyWars

  21. Richard Quinones says:

    Tysm! Now sticky keys wont bother me in FNAF sister Location from pressing shift to many times 😀

  22. abhiraj rajadhyaksha says:

    Why is it enabled in the first place! Windows is great but they need to make it easy in the first place.

  23. Lily Draws says:

    Thank you you are so helpful I will share this to all my family and friends

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