President Donald Trump May Have Worked A Previous Ukraine Quid Pro Quo: WaPo | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks a thesis put forward by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius that Donald Trump exacted personal favors related to the Paul Manafort case from the government of Ukraine in exchange for granting a June 2017 meeting to Ukraine’s then-president Petro Poroshenko. Aired on 11/01/19.
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President Donald Trump May Have Worked A Previous Ukraine Quid Pro Quo: WaPo | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


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  1. David Anthony says:

    It started in the Trump Tower meeting! Where there was no collusion!

  2. Kwifur Kwo says:

    With all such criminal offenses, why US political system seems to be so helpless to remove him? It sounds ridiculous that there prevails a deep concern that he may even get away with it when he appears before the Senate wherein another Quid Por Quo prevails (one of your previous videos)! So wouldn't it be more appropriate that a vote be taken after the open hearing to pass the final decision to a Federal Court of Laws instead of Senate? Isn't this the very reason that Separation of Power

  3. M Rez says:

    Butch madcow just lies and lies and lies. What an imagination he has. He is insulting to anyone with a brain.
    People use the Washington Post and New York Times to line their cat boxes.
    Trump will win no matter how much foaming at the mouth hate from butch.

  4. Newtttton says:

    this has more red flags than a communist parade in china

  5. TheTrebulator says:

    This administration is as corrupt as it possibly, but is it any more corrupt than any other ? Probably not !

  6. Carolle Dubois says:

    Talk about opening a can of worms it's more like opening a can of

  7. Carl Pen says:

    I don't know why anyone is surprised… during his campaign for president trump told everyone that this is how he always got things done… "when I want something done all I have to do is make a phone call, hey remember when I did that "thing" for you ? well now I need you to do something for me"… It works in the shady world of business deals and secret cabals so why stop being crooked just because you're the president ?

  8. Minister Gail says:

    Rachel Maddow, when are you running for president? VP to Elizabeth Warren would be a good start. Help. ….. you expose all the stuff. Wish you could be on the interrogation team for the Impeachment hearing. FYI: POTUS is removing all the Climate control regulations set by OBAMA, he needs to visit INDIA currently to see our future

  9. todd prifogle says:

    An allie of America Ukraine at war with a common enemy has suffered treason from certain citizens of America .

  10. Little Nat says:

    More FAKE Rachel… I bet there is a lot of fake things about Rachel Madcow!

  11. zoki kostadinov says:

    stop spreading those lies woman ..arent u ashamed to lie all day long

  12. Alvern Tirado says:

    Morning, my AMERICAN Brothers and SISTERS. This DEMON, RACIST and COMMUNIST PRESIDENT, is trying to Let His So Call Supporters, ALL THESE PROFESSIONALS, Who are Testifying are ALL Liars and He is the Only one, that is Telling the TRUTH. I GUESS HE BELIEVE THAT THESE SUPPORTERS ARE ALL RACIST, COMMUNIST DEMONS, LIKE HE IS.

  13. Required Particular says:

    He thought he could get away with it because apparently the MSM was asleep last time!

  14. Required Particular says:

    MSM is extremely slow to catch this… knee this way back then and I ain’t somebody, just watching sources. Sheesh.

  15. Prior of the Ori says:

    This is gonna make a great political documentary in the far future.

  16. FlamingCrystal Alchemist says:

    Why it’s always white people that is in trouble to which I’m not surprised

  17. Junior Pinkney says:

    Rachel is fckn TENACIOUS!!!

  18. Cheryl Burke says:

    I say if Ukraine continues to do damage to the United States in all of these White House problems we should NOT GIVE THEM ANYMORE HELP IN THE FUTURE !!!!!

  19. Om Nom Nom says:

    I love Rachel Maddow. She is an inspiration.

  20. Sandra Hunter says:

    If TRAMP hasn't been jealous of Obama, we wouldn't be going through nasty sh-t!


  21. Grim Reaper WickedFury says:

    liberals brace for impact war is coming for you !!!!!

  22. Scott Tighe says:

    YouTube needs to fix there comment thumbs down there is no count.

  23. Margaret G says:

    Question: In the case of say Flynn & Manafort taking millions from foreign countries. Do they have to forfeit the funds to the government or the funds theirs after prison?

  24. MORE ME says:

    Goodness I love Rachel!!

  25. Bret Spangler says:

    Rachel has been challenged, this will be interesting. Now on a dare, Rachel will uncover whatever is going on and reveal to us another crazy tread in this convoluted story.

  26. Joan Mullally says:

    tRump is a career criminal, and he always doubles or even triples down. The "Russia thing" as tRump called it also started, when Rudy the Vampire went to Kyiv, so he was sending Guiliani to create an 'alternate reality'. Again, it is one thing what 'candidate' tRump does, compared with POTUS tRump. He has been a criminal all his life and used his money, bullying and legal teams to get whatever he wants, with few consequences. His biggest terror is jail, being led away in handcuffs. He is changing residence to FL to try to avoid all the indictments sitting in NY for once he is no longer in the WH. And remember, Pence could pardon him for Federal crimes, but NOT state ones. There are indictments in VA and DC too. He will get his–it's just a matter of how long it is going to take.

  27. Blue Foster says:

    I'm going to need you to do me a favor though.

  28. Tiysmom 1 says:

    I told you before trump even got in office was a plan all along. ALL ROADS LEAD TO PUTIN! omg! This is horrible this man had no intention of protecting the United States …. IMPEACH THIS CRIMINAL! tried to make Putin look good by putting blame on Ukraine. Straight up a Set up Rachael! Girl u really do your homework that’s why I watch you cause you being the facts too!

  29. dee MAVERICK says:

    Speaker Pelosi said the investigation would concerning the stuff with Trump withholding financial support to the Ukraine. Well I never thought that would work cause every step of the investigation would lead you to another crime.

    Trump is pathetic and she should be pitied. Investigated, brought in to be held accountable and after he is shown to be responsible punished with the full extent of the law.

    #presidentpussyassbitch = trump
    #KingAhabandQueenJezebel = trump/melania

  30. Jason Faulkner says:

    i don't think this clause was meant to be used in this fashion..George Washington had 2 desks in the presidential one personal business..he conducted personal business affairs in the SAME meetings as the presidential ones..almost everything he did would have been impeachable..they had slavery, women couldn't vote have to consider the mentality of the times..honestly this clause wasn't intended for this kind of petty was intended for REAL crimes not this stupid nonsense..

  31. Sava Ntile says:

    Watching… Keenly!!

  32. Michael Kasal says:

    Democrats will save Repulicans from their Russian leader Trump. And you'll never hear them say Thank You. I hope Trump lives long enough to be put behind bars, and watch his children denounce him.

  33. victorianmelody46 says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the current occupant of the White House owns more than 500 companies, has business interests across the Middle East and Asia, and owes hundreds of millions of dollars to banks he is now responsible for regulating. It seems a touch unfair that a bigger fuss was made about my little peanut operation than all his office towers, hotels, and golf courses combined. All I had was a farm, you know? A small, precious farm. Jimmy Carter

  34. Jayne Berkley says:

    I’m finding it hard to come up with comments on all this…..truly amazing, luv yer Rachel.

  35. Lanny Dumbauld says:

    Man, I'm sick of the Trumps!

  36. StreetSlayingGTO says:

    Here we go more false allegations with no evidence

  37. StreetSlayingGTO says:

    They just wont stop, you people are hurting this country so bad and costing us a tons of money for something that's been proven to not be true Stoppppp

  38. pfflam says:

    OMG – so corrupt!!! This is so corrupt you KNOW this is only the tip of the berg!!!

  39. Odin says:

    I can’t wait for Trump to win again in 2020. The left does not stand a chance! 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  40. MARS UsA says:

    Poroshenko awesome president of Ukraine. Respect!

  41. Clayton Bigsby says:

    Rachel been hitting the pipe…

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