This video is a complete setup and walkthrough of Plex media server setup for your Nvidia Shield Android TV box; this is the ultimate Kodi replacement for cord-cutters.
———————————————VPN DEALS —————————————–
IPvanish: NordVPN:
I do realize that this is a lengthy video, please see timestamp below to jump ahead of areas of interest.
00:42 Initial Plex Server Setup
3:47 Preparing your storage
6:12 connect your network attached Storage (NAS)
7:03 Browse Plex folder locations
9:20 Configure Plex from PC
11:36 Create New Library
15:30 Playback/4k video test

Plex is a client-server media player system and software suite comprising two main components. The Plex Media Server desktop application runs on Windows, macOS and Linux-compatibles including some types of NAS devices.

With the easy-to-install Plex Media Server software and your Plex apps, available on all your favorite phones, tablets, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, you can stream your video, Movies, TV shows, music, and photo collections any time, anywhere, to any device.

Plex has client apps for: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Roku, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Amazon fire stick, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Smart TV, Home Theater PC, WEB, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Windows, TIVO, NETGEAR, Kodi


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  1. MrTimetravler says:

    Where do you get your movies and TV shows from?

  2. Tea Wing says:

    Can you do a video on where get movies to add to your plex

  3. Josh Fischer says:

    It looks like you have a ton of movies and TV shows. Did all of them fit on your 256 GB hard drive?

  4. Vic da G says:

    This video was great until I got stuck! My shield was unable to see one of my Synology Nas devices to mount it.. And it was th one with all the videos. i finally compared settings of both NAS devices. I disabled network firewall. And like two other things which I cant remember, and now the Shield sees both easily. then I let your video here lead me the rest of the way. Excellent video my friend!

  5. Cass Cassidy says:

    If I already have a 4TB exFat-formatted hard drive with all my media (primarily movies) on it, would I have to reformat another drive via the Nvidia Shield and move them over? Or can I just connect and be good to go without having to reformat?

  6. Techytech says:

    is it possible for the shield Plex server to be connected to a windows pc, so that it obtains the movies from the PC? I don't want to format the pc but just have the relevant media folders available to the shield Plex. thanks

  7. Greg Freyre says:

    Can you help me up little bit.
    My plex media server stopped I can't make it work, any suggestions?

  8. ALI ESSA says:

    I feel like my brain farted 😂 I don't seem to getting simple information. If I have a external drive with movies and I want those on plex server. Can I just connect the drive out making it some specialy plex/shield locked drive.

  9. Tom P says:

    I now have Plex running on an old gaming PC, connected to the TV using a RaspberryPI. We want to get an Nvidia Shield to do streaming, and I can't find anything about how to use just the Plex client app. Your video here was great and very helpful if I want to use the Plex server, but have you done one for setting up the client to connect to a Plex PC?

  10. TheTRUST8888 says:

    This a great video. Can you do a similar video for setting up Emby Server on the Nvidia Shield?

  11. Chris Umali says:

    Thanks for the information and walk through, very informative. Have a great day

  12. Derek L says:

    Great video , Thanks for all your help truly appreciate you . I have a 16GB shield I was about to buy the pro with 500GB is it cheaper and make more since to purchase an external hard drive? I see you have a 256GB do you recommend a bigger one some where between 256GB and 500GB. Thanks

  13. TheMexboxing says:

    Can I used 1 hd for internal storage and connect another usb hd for storing the files. I have 500gb hd that I want to use as my internal storage and a 2tb hd that I have movies in.

  14. Xxr0mEosabsianxX says:

    I have plex server on my pc, connect using raidrive and link g00gle teamdrive. But I want to change my server from pc to my shield tv, So, on my shield, how to link my server with gdrive/team drive?

  15. Razvan Ionita says:

    Can you help me with the : "The server " " is unavailable". When I try to connect to the server to add media on the server I get this message. It is 3 days since I try to make this work. Tks!

  16. Bert Ky says:

    Thanks for 15 minutes of your time .blessings to you👍👍

  17. Bert Ky says:

    Keep up the good work man just disappointed to see few people giving you a thumbs down .just heaters there’s no one I looks at on YouTube that explain with the knowledge and ability as you do ..Most of them forget that they are speaking to an audience and just mumbled to himself 😄😄😄😄

  18. Senior Cord Cutter says:

    1st project is to eventually be able to afford a NAS. What are you using to rip your dvd's & cd's ?

  19. toosweet241 says:


  20. Joe G says:

    I was wondering that if the normal guy like myself can read all your tricks and info maybe all the isl guys and google and everybody can puts them ahead of the game and can come down on all of you and us.. They will always know who and what.. Scary, Wish there was more privacy cause we are telling them everything w

  21. Gaurav Walia says:

    Hello Triple M. this is gaurav here. I'm planning to buy nvidia shield 4K HDR home edition. But i have my doubts regarding audio passthrough. Like if i watch movies or a series on Netflix or Amazon prime video , will i be getting Dolby atmos and 4k hdr video? I have 4k Yamaha receiver rx v 585 n atmos setup. And is plex media player can stream 4k movies with Dolby atmos? I have plex media server on my windows10 PC. Can you please clear this. Thank you in advance

  22. Roger Mash says:

    I've given up with using Shield as a Plex server.Great with all my bluray rips.I can't fault that but HDhome run with Plex dvr just isn't reliable.Too many failed recordings with dvr.Thinking now about trying Vbox.Amazon's recast isn't available in the UK.

  23. Nancy Femmer says:

    Nice, very Nice Triple M. ☺
    Great information on the Nvidia Shield for Plex.
    Keep up the great work my friend. 😊

  24. Razvan Ionita says:

    Can I mount thru usb one hdd with the movies on it??? (I already have a hdd with the movies on hdd)

  25. Peter Norlund says:

    Useful video, think I need to set up a Nas drive, have you done a video for that can't find one

  26. ChemyGuy72 says:

    If I have my 1 TB external hard drive with all my family photos and videos connected to my Sheild and set up Plex would I be able to access it from multiples devices on my home network? sorry you might have already answered that but in your great presentation. Definitely save this so when I decide to jump into it. Thanks

  27. Marlon Mcpherson says:

    Always good videos man

  28. Kattz says:

    Hi. I need to do some work on my setup later. This is a bit off topic but I posted on the Plex forum months ago and I still don't have an answer.

    I have a Hauppauge USB tuner attached to my Shield. When I scan for channels I'm not getting anywhere near the right number of channels. My database is corrupt and I can't seem to delete it from Plex.

    Does anyone know where this database is stored? I even did a factory reset and it still didn't delete. I'm going to have to do it manually but I can't find it.

    Does anyone know where to find it in the filesystem?

  29. patrick cadette says:

    Another great one MMM..😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻..

  30. A Gregg says:

    Great tutorial M! Thank you for all of your help

  31. Joe G says:

    Invidea OR that Bee link box you reviewed a couple of weeks ago. The Beecost 79 bucks or 10 bucks more for the 64 ROM, ?? The Firestick runs ok but I want more hard drive space. Seems like they will be ending sales of the Firestick 4K. Soon.. I just got a feeling bout that. Thnx Mr T M

  32. Dallas RedHail says:

    Want a Shield bad!! Thanks Triple M!! 😒😒💯

  33. Tim Windsor says:

    Awesome video brother TRIPLE. Now wish I had a shield. Lol. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your day.

  34. LittleLadyk2002 says:

    Thank you so much. I had plex on my PC but I wanted to switch and connect to my shield instead. Thanks again.

  35. Miss Collins says:

    I wonder can you put that on ruko tv

  36. Unlawful Muzik says:


  37. Mark says:

    Hello Triple M how are you today I do have a question for you I don't have cable and I don't want cable cuz the waste of money all I have is my computer and my internet and my film projector is there any sing like you used to how do I get TV tuner on my laptop or anything particular I can run on my computer for TVs outside of fire stick and everything else thanks for your time have a great day and I look forward to your reply

  38. Triple M says:

    I do realize that this is a lengthy video, please see timestamp below to jump ahead of areas of interest. PLZ smash the 👍 on this video..

    00:42 Initial Plex Server Setup

    3:47 Preparing your storage

    6:12 connect your network attached Storage (NAS)

    7:03 Browse Plex folder locations

    9:20 Configure Plex from PC

    11:36 Create New Library

    15:30 Playback/4k video test
    ——————————————–VPN DEALS —————————————-

    IPvanish: NordVPN:

    Network Attached Storage (NAS)Playlist:
    Emby Media Player Playlist:
    Purchase Nvidia shield:
    with remote: with remote and controller:

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