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So, A Slovakian retailer ProGamingShop may have just leaked the exact price and release date of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. If the leaks are true, do you think the release window and pricing are a good idea? Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more great content!

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36 thoughts on “PlayStation 5’s EXACT Price And Release Date May Have Leaked!

  1. I think next generation consoles will cost 499 dollar to 500 dollar. And it will focus more on Cloud gaming technology.

  2. I really hope they dont do a "pro" version at launch. Just pump everything into the console and make it worth the money you charge. I dont want a "cheap" version dont restrict the dev's into having to cater to a less powerful machine.

  3. So with this rumor of the Euro price you’re suggesting it will cost more in the US? I mean has that ever happened? If these rumors are true, then it’s more likely it will be $499 in the states not $599. I say this because consoles tend to be priced higher in other countries not lower. It’s just how it’s been.

  4. Lets not forget sony had BALLS to price ps3 at 500 and 600 but LOST up to 300 dollars PER unit sold. Its nutty but admirable at the same time

  5. Damn Rick you're are skinny man the wind is going to blow you away but for real what is your secret of losing weight because I want to know. It can vary will save my life

  6. it has to be 600 especially since it has ssd and zen 2 . you already know launch consoles are pricey . now ppl will be ok to pay 600 for a sony console unlike 2006 ………

  7. That would not be good when trying to compare it hardware wise. If this is indeed true; that system will not be as strong as they’re advertising it to be

  8. I'm excited whether or not its true. I'm glad that the idea is leading that direction of $600.00$. But I have a big question when are we going to get a ps5 with a design that is a replica of your head rich

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