Playing As V / Devil May Cry 5 / Part 3

In today’s episode it’s all aboard the struggle bus as I struggle to get to grips playing as V.
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  1. Soviet Towlie says:

    Also nightmare is much more useful than powering up your familiars soooo stop that plz use L1 more cuz Nightmare alsooooo revives your pets

  2. Soviet Towlie says:

    You: "I need to find nidhogg hatchling"

    Hatchling literally in her inventory: "Am I a joke to you?"

  3. Sofian Riadi says:

    Enjoy your game DMC5 🤩

  4. Lone Wisdom says:

    she looks and sounds like the 'catch me outside how about that' girl.

  5. Mystic Light says:

    Someone in the comments spoiled a major part of the story so becareful!!

  6. Mystic Light says:

    Just mash Square and Triangle at the sametime when playing as V and you will be fine and kill enemies much faster and earn higher combo ranks!!!

  7. Casey Mitchell says:

    Come on that wasn't so tough, you never even lost half health and you even got an A rank!! You a natural kiddo 😉

  8. Casey Mitchell says:

    Great job on defeating Nidhogg, you didn't even break a sweat EZ 🙂

  9. Casey Mitchell says:

    You say you are struggling but you are doing superb at fighting 😉

  10. Casey Mitchell says:

    11:08 RIP

  11. Casey Mitchell says:

    I really like V, he's very laid back and cool af!!

  12. GreenTea299 says:

    when it says starring that's another person playing the same level with you its like pseudo multiplayer lol

  13. Andrew Forbes says:

    In a funny way, V is what happens when Adam Driver plays with his dark type Pokemon that are easy to take care of (tell me he doesn't look like that actor lol). Very tactical type of gameplay to break the monotony of the same up close combat style of Nero. I'm only gonna take some cool points off of him for being so hipster or emo to the point of where sandals…just why? lol

  14. MJJD33 says:

    Don't let that cane fool you, the game still lets you parry with it.

  15. deeta000 says:

    Looking at your skill list from time to time would help out a lot.

  16. 2026 Alexis Barajas says:

    yo know how you said about vergil,keep that theory in mind for later in the game

  17. Josh K says:

    Is the DMC anime still being continued?

  18. Alexis Rondeaux says:

    To be honest, i really didn't like to play as V. It feels less exciting to play as him, because we're not really into the fight like Dante or Nero gameplay.

  19. star Omani says:

    I love you girl ❤️😘

  20. Abynax Tech says:

    lv ur smile

  21. Kevin Vo says:

    Try mapping Griffen to R2 and nightmare to one of the face buttons. Does make using Griffen and Nightmare at the same time much easier

  22. rafael Guerrero says:

    They had models for their characters appearance.

  23. The Alucard 911 says:

    Don't forget to read the book for devil trigger

  24. DnT REmad says:

    If you are having trouble using both Shadow and Griffon at the same time mid combat you can always change the controls since square and triangle are in fact hard to use at the same time. I know people who adjust Shadow to R2 and Griffon to L2(or the opposite) for easier use of them. Despite being on PS4 they actually allow you to mess with the buttons and this might make the V missions more bearable for you

  25. David Diaz says:

    love your vids just wish it was longer

  26. David Diaz says:

    i beat the game and v is very slow i dont like v

  27. Short D3vil says:

    First time playing as V was so weird but I had to gradually get used to his attacks. Even right now I struggle using him a bit.
    Best thing to do is change Square to L1 and L1 to Square so that you can simultaneously control the bird and the jaguar. (Spamming L1 for the bird while easily spamming Triangle for the jaguar)
    Try to remember that summoning Nightmare needs 3 stacks of your devil trigger so try to avoid powering up your other demons too much.

  28. Lbdataz1469 says:

    Don't use the L2 power ups for shadow and griffon it's a waste of DT. Just use Nightmare.

  29. 0ero says:

    press shadow and griffen at the same time with ur thumb when attacking

  30. rocket torrealba says:

    parte 4 dante

  31. Toffu-TV says:

    Your'e the best Alyce❤

  32. MarsProbe says:

    It could be worse….V could be wearing white socks with those sandals!

  33. Alastor Ryodan says:

    Personally i did not like to play as V, his style of gameplay is too easy, dull and repetitive (mindless button mashing without strategy). Nero and Dante are way more fun to play.

  34. AJizzle_412 says:

    I personally liked playing as V. It’s a whole new fighting concept than what is typical in a DMC game. A lot more strategy has to be involved as well.

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