Photoshop Tutorial – How to Resize a Layer [60 Seconds]



    That's what I was looking for

  2. OliviaLovesKpop says:

    this was SOOOOO helpful! I was literally sitting on photoshop for like 30 minutes trying to figure this out. Thank you

  3. Juan Diego Soto Lopez says:

    it won't work lol it stays in place

  4. André Jesus says:

    Omg im so dumb😂

  5. Nerd Angola says:

    Muito obrigado bro

  6. Gita Ayu Puspita says:

    My ctrl t isn't working and I can't click the transform option 🙁

  7. Luke Sharp says:

    Excellent! Thank you.

  8. Md Taufique Ansari says:

    Thank you man. You have done a great job.

  9. Rain says:

    thank you

  10. Parachute Adams says:

    Thanks, this solved my query in under 10 seconds.

  11. Mir The Kidd says:

    old asf

  12. technocrat indian says:

    love you bro

  13. Super Bunny says:

    You are the man!

  14. C Elizabeth says:

    Finally someone that can explain unlike my photography ''teacher''

  15. Nick D says:

    thank you!

  16. Zuda says:


    it's a 36 seconds tutorial

  17. Shayan Niakan says:

    thanks great vid

  18. Arslan Ali says:

    thanks ,

  19. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Very helpful video. I was going nuts!!

  20. Timur Martinez says:


  21. Tajmenisko says:


  22. watawonderfulworld says:

    to the point.

  23. tanmay pimpale says:

    thanks man… really appreciate 😊😊

  24. KRINDZAŠ says:

    shortcut for this?

  25. Time Full says:

    tysm this helped me alot!

  26. Regen says:

    thank you so much 7 years later still helping people out!

  27. Christian Dave Millana says:

    Thanks bro!

  28. Prince Arun says:

    Most Helpful
    Thanks TutorViDCom

  29. Mateusz Parus says:

    It is scaling, not resizing……

  30. ErtasVideos says:

    that picture was very creepy

  31. SkipGaming says:

    bless your soul

  32. MedicEne says:

    Quick and to the point, thank you so much

  33. desiiignerx says:

    Thanks m8

  34. Lelchkies says:

    Thanks man! I have been wondering how to do that!

  35. MCT/RAM says:

    BOOM. That's how you do a tutorial. Great job. Simple fast and to the point with spending 25 minutes. Thanks!!!

  36. Germesx says:

    thanks dude ;D

  37. Deaxiel says:

    I cant undo Free Transform..,

  38. Paul's Eclectic says:

    I wish that while he had that image up he had softened up the eye makeup. Jet black eyeliner and no eyebrows? No one can make that look work. No one.

  39. Gigi Schuster says:

    Slow the heck down!

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