Photoshop CS6 Extended: Review & New Features

This is the new photoshop CS6 EXTENDED!
In this video you will learn the new features
-Patch tool
-Content aware move tool its a great one i love it
-Auto save
-video editing
and much more
if you whant more new tools to show you, just say it in the comments
I will make a video on how to use all the new features so subscribe to see them

I know that its not the best video on youtube,
but i think i showed you some of the basics of
the new Ps.CS6 (extended)
I hope you like it! Like comment and subscribe
and tell me in comment if you whant me to make a tutorial
on how to use The 3D in CS6!
Thank you for your time.

Song Credit : John Dahlbäck – Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix)


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  1. Vivek Luthra says:

    thanks for the review

  2. Sandip Thakor says:

    What is download link

  3. Get Lit says:

    Where do I get it? Link?

  4. Srinivas Shetty says:

    Can you provide the link for download

  5. no more visuals says:

    hey man. Normal cs6 or photoshop extended?

  6. eKJIInS Cekretnui says:


  7. diskondire says:

    Song Name??

  8. Vinh B says:

    doesn't the patch tool already come with the regular cs6 version?

  9. Chris Issa Amtr says:

    Yeah !

  10. Mayakov Sky says:

    It`s fantastic!

  11. arnoldthejedi72 says:

    I downloaded CS6 for free: goo.glKme6Y your welcome.

  12. Chris Issa Amtr says:

    Thank you.
    i have made a video on how to make i like this go chack it on my channel and leave a commen and a like plz

  13. iTzFabioUlus says:

    thats a rly cool desktop

  14. Chris Issa Amtr says:

    Hey man !
    i made that tutorial you waned.
    go wach it 😉 hope u like it !

  15. Chris Issa Amtr says:

    ok i just sead this gove or not give (no deference ) anyway i think i will make one tonight cozz its easy 😉

  16. SHiNY GFX says:

    Its not neccecary to give you 5 subs,cause i think many people want your style of backround so will get more than 5…trust me :))

  17. Chris Issa Amtr says:

    If you get me 5 subscribers i will make a tutorial on how to make it look like this 😉

  18. SHiNY GFX says:

    How you do this in your desktop? :OO

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