Photoshop CC 2017 Tutorials

Photoshop tutorial showing you how to the best new features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

Major Updates:

00:41 Start Workspace
03:22 New Document Window & Photoshop Templates
11:00 Photoshop Search
20:50 SVG Color Fonts
27:00 Other Enhancements and Updates

Photoshop CC 2017 rolls out exciting new features for designers and digital photographers. The Photoshop CC 2017 tutorials below, showcase the many improvements and features added to this new release.

Adobe’s new features and enhancements to Photoshop follow two themes. Create a more modern, and more connected Photoshop, lowering the learning barrier for beginners.

Photoshop is now more connected to the Creative Cloud and the other apps in the Adobe ecosystem.

A more modern, more connected Photoshop – connection to CC and other apps in the Adobe ecosystem.

Lowering the learning barrier for beginners – New things to help users get started and achieve success quickly.

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  1. Abu james says:

    how I plugin mixer brush in photoshop cc 2017

  2. Joe Momma says:

    im using this for school and do not remember seeing this "start work space''.

  3. Sihar S says:

    Thank you Jesus!!

  4. HQ L says:

    this is such a good tutorial, thanks 🙂

  5. Nikhil Ruttan says:

    keep up dude

  6. Emad Fadel Real estate Ottawa agent says:

    Love your work i follow all the time, i need help when i click on channels the channels show in color not black and white

  7. Jackie Ryu says:

    When I try to follow 'Conver to Shape' on my letter(Trajan), I got an error message 'Could not complete your request because the type layer uses a faux bold style.' Does anyone know the reason?

  8. fabi yb says:

    some that is of explanation in Spanish on photoshop CC. PLEASE

  9. Emily Jensch says:

    love this video!

  10. dottywalker56 says:

    Thank you, your video was very helpful!

  11. Matilda Van Ligten says:

    I learned a lot Thank you

  12. Feroz Uddin says:

    software free vision link pls

  13. CreepZ says:

    Video starts at 0:45

  14. Wael Abou Assie says:

    its great and useful work, thank u so much

  15. Memoria James says:

    It breaks my heart how you pronounce your name. Do you speak Spanish? Anyway, thanks for the tutorial. I really needed it!

  16. Khaidir Nasrullah says:

    nice video, thanks for sharing

  17. Willie Do It says:

    Very informative video. Enjoyed it!

  18. vabaers says:

    is there a tutorial on how to use the new collage templates?

  19. David Harris says:

    Absolutely wonderful!  I will remain forever grateful for such a thorough and easy to understand tutorial.  I've subscribe to your channel and I'll bookmark your Website.

  20. Bryan Perez says:

    Question, on the bottom right corner area, i see you have the "layer" tab but when i open photoshop and start a new document, i don't have that layer tab, do you know how to fix that? the only tab i have is a history tab.
    Thanks please let me know!

  21. Jay Amundson says:

    Excellent vid! Very understandable. One question. During the Text portion of the video, you say to "convert to shape" Every time I do it, I get the following from PS. "Could not complete your request because the type layer uses a faux bold style." I'm using the same font as you. From what I can tell, my settings agree with yours. Any ideas? Thanks again for a great learning experience.

  22. taufiq alazizi says:

    how do you get that " adobe stock "?

  23. Amanda Tendai says:

    Oh thank you so much!

  24. captaindcc says:

    22:52 The Pee is now blue T_T

  25. Tim Smith says:

    loved all info I have 2017cc also but for some reason my shortcut for search ctrl f just gives me a white box same as edit search white box adobe does not know why

  26. Chen jiji says:

    Actually, I am a totally beginner. When I try to your step to search "crop" and other words, it shows always"Unaviable". upset why does this happen? I have no single idea. Could you pls tell me? Thank you so much

  27. Books Spy says:

    Great One

  28. Rombout Versluijs says:

    hahah okay, 35 weeks ago you posted a new features 2015.5… what did they do to the numbering then?

  29. Diary Films says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this informative video, so glad I came across your video and now I'm a subscriber.

  30. Fun Ride Videos says:

    hello sir how can i download CC 2017 Portable …and which site ???

  31. Chris Ferger says:

    hey man I'm having some trouble.. every tutorial I go on to design a logo the photoshop screen looks very different.. I'm brand new to this hole thing and I don't know very much about computers. I just got a macbook pro so that I can start designing my own logos. could you get in touch with me with some advice if its possible?

  32. Daniel Hew says:

    The software continues to be a disappointment because I haven't seen a really good new feature since CS6.

  33. Valky rie says:

    it looked so intimidating when i opened it up you see i had the older one i forgot the name. i mostly use fire alpaca to draw so i decided to watch a tutorial just so i know what im doing

  34. Douglas Mclean says:

    you failed to mention you need to pay an additional £20 a month for these presets. Clearly Adobe are pushing Stock heavily this time round (£££££) which is fair enough.

  35. SSOLove J412 says:

    how costs Photoshop 2017? (sorry for my bad english, i'm not form england)

  36. Abroin Alexander says:

    We always need to download the setup of Adobe Photoshop CC2017 like first time or we can save it to our hard disc for future?
    Looking Forward to your reply.
    Thanks for uploading an informative video.

  37. Shahroz Tariq says:

    first of all buy yourself a little fast MacBook..

  38. Arezoo Jalali says:

    hi, thx for the video.  I do ctl F and only a blank white page opens up ! Do you know what is wrong?

  39. P Gammon says:

    A great Tutorial. I learned quite a bit.

  40. Alan Siqueira says:

    I'm impressed with the Copy CSS feature. I honestly didn't know it was a thing

  41. Dominik says:

    i have a question: since i upgraded from cc15 to 17 all new layers just show when i press enter on the keyboard, why arent there "previews" like in cc15

  42. Jonas Schneider MnP says:

    when i come into ps cc 2017 my start doenst look like urs did

  43. Cindy Ling says:

    I wanted to know if i can delete the creative cloud app after?? because i dont like keeping anything useless in my computer

    Also is it normal dat after i moved the file i cant open photoshop anymore now i just removed the file and put it back it doesnt open nor react anymore. so all i can do is uninstall the whole app and reinstall it. Still id like to know if it is normal?

  44. Heng Vibol says:

    Good video

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