Peter Schrager Explains Why Raiders’ Rookie Class May Be NFL’s Best in 10 Years | Raiders

Peter Schrager of the “Good Morning Football” crew explains why the Raiders’ 2019 rookie class may be the best one we have seen in recent memory — even better than the famed 2017 New Orleans Saints draft class.

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  1. PapaGeorg10 says:

    AB was stupid for not wanting to be a part of this team

  2. Calvin says:

    They need to stop using "TV Guys" like it's a bad thing. It's quite the opposite. Meaning all they do is watch Football. They see what works, what doesn't work. How the game is evolving. What good Teams and bad teams do…when you spend so long watching the game you tend to pick up things others don't.

  3. Elijah Delgado says:

    My guy Isaiah Johnson gets no love?🥴

  4. M. Lyons says:


  5. Marvin Stubbs says:

    I luv it, completely luv it. Been a Raider since I was 10. Now 41, I luv it. Best team we had since Jeff Hostetler. I been watching since Ethan Horton and Fernandez, Jay Shader, Terry McDaniel. "A change is gonna come", and he got killed n Oakland. Fayetteville N.C. RN4L

  6. mikelew415 says:

    Stephen A. Smith owes Mike Mayock an apology for the shade on him being hired for that position by Jon Gruden! He was clearly jealous for making the comment on live tv but tried to say he wasn’t taking a shot! SAS is a clown just as much as he says kap is 💯

  7. zepole87 says:

    Still dont like the ferrell pick

  8. zepole87 says:

    And Abram is out

  9. Olli Playlist says:

    The love just keeps coming from all angles and facets from the entire nation…

    Only one Nation though…


  10. George Vega says:

    Don't forget Mike Mayock was the only one who had the balls to tell AB to take a hike.

  11. Cesar Llamas says:

    go RAIDER nation For life baby 💯💯💯💪💪💪🍻🍻🍻🏈🏈🏈

  12. Big Daddy Rikka says:

    Beyond bringing in AB. Mike Mayock has done a bang up job

  13. Supermoan says:

    Mayock vs Lynch…Please lets get in 1 more Battle of the Bay b4 we leave 2 Sin City…SB bound Baby💪🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆

  14. cajenner10 says:

    Big Raiders fan, but labelling ANY rookie as a problem for the "next ten years" in the NFL is ludicrous. Especially at the RB position. I hope Josh has an Emmitt Smith type career, but let's not prognosticate that. I would rather people talk less about the Raiders, or keep doubting them, than heap praise on them, personally. This class is looking fantastic, though. Mayock made some great moves to move back and acquire extra picks, and some of those picks are already paying dividends.

  15. Ronnie Boy says:

    Mike Mayock will be in the hall of fame in the future, Mark my words.

  16. Iven Thompson says:

    This doesn't mention A.J. Cole, Ingold, Andre James, Doss. It is within reason to believe they will have 18(depending on package) starters/primary contributors going entering their 3rd year or less. The single greatest moment of my life would be for it to come full circle with The Raiders knocking the pats out of the playoffs on a Tom Brady fumble. Only this time it stands.

  17. Corwyn Banks Jr says:

    Who put 9 thumbs down? Should be ashamed!! Lmao

  18. Raiders1976 says:

    This a young team thats not even close to its full potential playing well while dealing with multiple injuries that is loaded with cap space and draft picks.

    I’m hoping for one playoff win this year. Next year we kill it in the draft, plug some holes in free agency and go Deep in the playoffs at the very least. Come 2021 a new Raiders dynasty Begins.

  19. reignman2112 says:

    00 Jim Otto on the binoculars next to Mayock in the booth. How many NFL teams have former players of nearly 50 years ago, still involved on a personal level in their former team? And it's not just Jim Otto for this team….there's only one team that can say that, and it's always been that way. RNFL…

  20. Ray Sigala says:

    Getting Mayock was genius knew it would work from day 1 letting him pick the talent & Gruden to do what he does best & coach the talent sounds like a winning combo to me

  21. MCMCX says:

    Hnnnnng keep going I'm almost there

  22. Malyn Carr says:


  23. OC Run says:

    Mayock da MAN!! Knock on wood!!

  24. John Gavin says:

    God thank you for bringing us "Mastermind" Mike. I'm sure everyone in Las Vegas will be happy to buy him a drink. Cheers.

  25. No Name says:

    Great picks but I think they whiffed on Ferrell when the could've gotten Allen they still got 2 first rounders next year so I can't wait to see what mayock does with then

  26. Danse Macabre says:

    It's still too early in the process to claim success for Mayock and Gruden, but they are surely on the right track and moving swiftly. If they do pull this off, I suggest watching some videos of the pundits last year, which the majority of the "experts" trashed the hiring of both, condemned the Raiders for the Mack trade, and pronounced this team a failure before they were through half the season last year. Still to early to say I told you so , but it's certainly moving that way. RN4L

  27. simba cali says:

    IS TIME FOR TV GUYS TO GET HIRED. Mel kiber next watch.

  28. arlemis76 says:

    Name a better draft class for any team, ever… I've never seen anything like this.

  29. walker1984 says:

    Who said a good head coach and GM can't be found on a football network?

  30. Ryan Santos says:

    Peter you're damn right, Raiders rookie class the Class of the NFL minus Jonathan Abrams…

  31. Mr. Archnemesis says:

    Sorry, no bandwagon allowed

  32. Chris Fisher says:

    MAYOCK IS BATTING 1000. !!!!!!!! HE IS GONNA DO IT AGAIN NEXT DRAFT TOO…. 5 picks in the top 90… he is gonna hit on all five i bet

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