PES6 | Pro Team Patch 2019 Mini Patch 160 mb | Download & Install

Features ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
– Complete transfer 2018/2019 100%
– Update Full Leagues With New Teams 2018/2019
Premiere League
Ligue 1
Serie A
La Liga
UEFA top club
– New national team
– New Graphic Like PES 2019
– New competitions 2018/2019
(UEFA Champions League, World Cup 2018, And More)
– More Than 500 New Face
– New Balls Pack 2018/2019
– New Official Boots For top Players
– PES 2019 scoreboard
– PES 2019 Adboard
– Club emblem, kits, number and formation is up to date
– Player ability, face, hair and bodyshape is up to date

Download ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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Songs :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
DJVI – Lonely Diva Copyright Free Music
2nd Life & Oscar N – Love On Fire Copyright Free Music
NEFFEX – Keep Dreaming Copyright Free Music
Distrion & Electro-Light – Drakkar [NCS Release]


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  1. FRAN GAMER says:

    friend when will you go out in new mini patch 2020

  2. 3dison says:

    How to install the game without any patch? I installed it and it is mixed up, Bundesliga with the logo of netherland league logo!

  3. thdr m r says:

    how to fix afs file not found problem? please help

  4. CIJI PN says:

    please help me 'this game is not installed correctly'.



  6. omar kachour says:


  7. T3KKANッ says:


  8. omar kachour says:


  9. Burak Kasap says:

    how fullscreen?

  10. EddyTroll says:

    Does anyone know why when I install the patch, the Setup, and enter the game, I only load the licenses and uniforms? Or is it because I installed it in the wrong folder?

  11. Kleber Dybala says:

    kkkkkkkk oush

  12. Şahin Sümer says:

    How many stadiums bro

  13. alexander soto villegas says:

    esto es una mierda bro

  14. Ivan Milutinovic says:

    Bullshit, where is download button i cant download

  15. Aj Ajay says:

    How to remove the old patches plzzzz help anyone?

  16. jacobo patiño says:

    alguien Online??

  17. Galaxy Phoenix says:

    Why are the faces by me after the patch soo shit ronaldo dont look like ronaldo.Please answer…

  18. Oki says:

    Link mati

  19. Enamul Kabir says:


  20. Alfan Yudistiandi says:

    Me install this patch player olld?

  21. nabil gamer123 says:

    whats is the music of your intro

  22. Marksman 17 says:

    So many fking ADS no way I can download this patch

  23. PQH GAMING says:

    I like this mod, but whenever I play a match I always play in Anfield Liverpool stadium. So how to change the stadium pls help me thank you!
    Sorry for my bad English.

  24. taha bouzani says:

    thankyou my there are seconds and it closes q is lm going to do

  25. Dzarif O Mac says:

    Does this for pcsx2?

  26. RM- FOotBaLL HD says:

    stade de anfiId IiveRbuI

  27. Neri Montenegro says:

    Rar Fail….

  28. Damian Gable says:

    tienen liga argentina?

  29. Gleisson Sousa says:

    lov you bro <3

  30. Neri Montenegro says:

    Todos los Archivos de los 3 links estan dañados, podrias resubirlo?

  31. Kosuke_Br says:

    great job 👌

  32. Kosuke_Br says:

    some of the players are bald for me like Cristiano Ronaldo (edit, nevermind i discovered that you have to raise the settings on lodcfg.exe

  33. Brahim Boughazi says:

    Magic !!pes6

  34. Youssef Esmaâla says:

    Direct link to media fire pleaaaaaaaaaase 😢😢😢😢

  35. Frankestein dhakal says:

    Can u please add 🇳🇵 national team in your upcoming pes 6 update !!

  36. Neven Đokić says:

    Where is all stadiums ,balls and cheers fan ???

  37. iamFuNkErBuNkEr says:

    Thanks buddy. Bcoz of u my bro is happy playing the game with latest updates. Thx from India ❤️

  38. Animal's world says:

    For android

  39. Dylant 2001 says:


  40. Hong Nguyen says:

    The same on android pls

  41. Jesus Verbel says:

    Man everytime I put a patch in my pes 6 it only charges uniforms boots faces but not the scoreboards :/it is like a bug I dunno why… can u help me?


    replay vıdeo


    replay vıdeo


    replay vıdeo

  45. IP CHANNEL says:

    thanks dude it's worked. 😎

  46. Zeyad tube says:


  47. 베타카 says:

    pes6 패치 얘꺼 받자. 5대리그 있고 좋음. 브라질리그도 없고

  48. love of football says:

    The link is not working

  49. Erdal Kaya says:

    Galatasaray, fenerbahçe,
    Beşiktaş Can you transfer? 🙏🙂

  50. AdriCaruso YT ツ says:

    Agrega la liga argentina!

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