PES 6 | Full PC Game | FIFA 19 Edition Download (PC/HD)

Features ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
– Update All Trnsfers 2019
– FIFA 19 Graphic theme
– FIFA 19 Stadiums HD turf
– Full Licensed Competitions
(theme, scoreboad, adboard, trophy)
– New Faces HD All Players
– New Kits Season 2018/2019 For All Teams
– New Balls Pack Season 2018/2019
And More

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  1. Baddest Badass says:


  2. ElChicoLoco69 says:

    can't download the game …

  3. Tyo Id says:

    Can't open the game,"the game is not properly installed".how the solution?

  4. Chính Nguyễn Trọng says:

    @micano4u password to extract please!!

  5. Ali Yigit says:

    Can you make Pes 2009 Patch 2010. I dont wanna play new transfers…

  6. Mikael Godwin says:

    This programm cannot be started if settings is performing pls.solution

  7. David luis Ruiz says:

    link paor mega porfa

  8. Tùng Hoàng says:

    how to fix lag bro game is very slow i want to play smooth

  9. Даниил Крупский says:

    Fifa 15 nsp please 🙏🙏🙏

  10. ARIES BLUE BLUE says:

    amigo puedes introducir el equipo del internacional de porto alegre porfa

  11. Robert Lewandowski says:

    How do I install it?

  12. Yossef king says:

    LINK ????

  13. Senan Kerimov says:

    Micano4u very very very good thanks.l am from AZERBAIJAN

  14. Gregory Marmillon says:

    Bonjour merci pour tous le taf exécuté mais une fois téléchargé cela me marque "the game is not properly installed" comment faire pour que cela fonctionne merci d'avance

  15. Mateo Ribeiroo says:

    The besttttttt

  16. alex huamani says:

    com0o cambio de idioma el juego+

  17. Ruma Lahari says:

    Pls help. It shows not installed properly.

  18. Dzarif O Mac says:

    Can I know how to fix the team name problem?It shows liverpool fc but with manchester united logo team name etc

  19. Mohamad Gamal Ferjani says:

    هو ده باتش ولا لعبة مركب عليها باتش وجاهزه

  20. Mohamad Gamal Ferjani says:

    ممكن تنزل فيديو كيفية تشغيل اللعبة أرجوك

  21. Hang Long says:

    how to download

  22. lionel toutcho says:

    ajouté le lien du telechargement mérci

  23. Teguh Ardiansyah says:

    Hi bro, can you help me? Why after I open the edit menu, between teams, logos and players is not appropriate, please help me🙏🏻

  24. youssef shaaban says:

    fixe lag please

  25. daniel vargars says:

    Afs file not found

  26. frank marchan says:

    link directo por mega por favor

  27. Philip Raphael says:

    it says game not properly installed

  28. Neven Đokić says:


  29. ShadderNinja says:

    dybala has the tattoo?

  30. Mohamed Sayed says:

    بعد اذنك انا حملت من عندك باتشين باتش لبيس 2013 واشتغل في كل حاجه ماعدا الانتقالات كان شغال بانتقالات بيس13 و واحد بيس 6 واشتغل مع الانتقالات والاطقم بس القوائم شغاله لبيس6 و السطور بورد كان لونوا غريب ارجوا المساعده

  31. Phuong Loan says:

    How to play this patch bro ?

  32. PES 6 says:

    Compression is not working properly.

  33. BHB TV says:

    pes 2011 2019 april patch

  34. Daniel Tatis says:

    Somebody saw the face of Luka Modric? Hahaha

  35. Flush.peroxide 8 says:

    Why people still play this?

  36. blackseastorm 61 says:


  37. AlvaRo-ChafGa says:

    online works !

  38. Gaming W/ Nicko says:

    Why would u want trash graphics

  39. seven square says:

    please how can I get the English version or rather how do I change the commentary to English

  40. Dimas Damara says:

    This is winning eleven lmao

  41. Erwin Andres Lopez Ortega says:

    How much does the decompressed game weigh?

  42. Rana Abdo Abdo says:


  43. World Games says:

    pega no ps2?

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