PES 2017 BECOME A LEGEND CAREER Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – WHAT A GOAL #PES2017

PES 2017 BECOME A LEGEND Mode Walkthrough Part 1 – PES 2017 CAREER Gameplay Part 1 Let’s Play Commentary Throughout

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 sees the return of the multi-award winning franchise complete with an abundance of new features and quality improvements. PES 2017 aims to retain its title of ‘Best Sports Game’ for a third year, as voted across the world at games shows and by major media outlets in 2014 and 2015.

This year’s tagline (creation concept) ‘Control Reality’ encapsulates the focus of this year’s product, taking the award winning gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and its new standard of authentic visuals. The immersion in the game presentation and interactive, tactical elements enhance the experience for the player, as the product aims to maximize the fun in playing against any player in every way. The industry leading Fox Engine again powers the series to reach new heights across the large amount of improvements, and with PES 2017 users will be able to experience real football for the first time in a video game.


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  1. Foxy Bloxy says:

    Do you control your team or player

  2. Ajay 007 says:

    how to control whole team

  3. Aleksandar Prokic says:

    Nice man.what a goal. Cheers mate

  4. Renanda Dias says:

    What your difficulity bro??

  5. Victor Cezar says:

    The kewr Bery Fifa 17 no pes 2017 …

  6. Chranoz says:

    4:04 kinda looks like carlos tevez

  7. LaKiSha says:

    how to search the ball in the 2017 pro evolution soccer became a legend

  8. Andrei 705 says:

    how can I receive a pass ?

  9. org org says:

    hey, can someone help me? how to change appearance setting in become a legend mode…I played BAL mode until next sseason, but I can't change appearance setting on my player. Can someone give me a clue? thank you

  10. K J says:

    What sport is this. How do you figure out who is winning

  11. hamza gamer says:

    Who can explane this expression: هو حمار اللي يلعب

  12. Chranoz says:

    what console?

  13. Tiago dos anjos (music) says:

    They have you Swansea city because they give you a random team in the league you choose

  14. Shalini Sharma says:

    I have won 8 World Player of the Year titles. 7 EPL titles, 1 Serie A title, 5 La liga titles and 8 Ucls 2 Uels and many more. I've scored 1098 goals in 1148 matches on legend difficulty. Pes is easy.

  15. KaRoLeeK Heh says:

    Someone know when i can end career in become a legend?

  16. #Jerry Dilly says:

    you go and continue doing your things riot

  17. Kyledagamer123 says:

    Football manger is best so all you can shut it

  18. PëM ZërØ says:

    Me need Account bro

  19. Kevin Nguyen says:


  20. Chris P. says:

    I haven't played PES since PES 20013, how did the Be A Legend mode take a few steps back?!? In 2013, you had to choose from a few random offers on lower clubs, then work your way into the starting eleven through playing well in practices. There was position challenges as well, fighting against the other men that played the same position as you did for the starting spot. Why did they take all that depth away?

  21. Kacper Lawniczak says:

    12:59 Two S. COLEMAN fighting for the ball. Fucking wierd.

  22. Sashko PichaTeglicha says:

    How you have originals kits/badges?

  23. Roland Shkelqimi says:

    iam not a heater i like you very much but can you use some compltination

  24. Ultimate pranksters And challengers says:

    ur the first one i see that goes to swansea i startted at hull city a youtuber i know started there mt friend started there

  25. VicTor Gabriell says:

    Vou traduzir su gameplay no meu canal para o BRASIL os creditos são seus

  26. Jens Van der Horst says:


  27. Racoon says:

    England is my city. can i get a heart? :3

  28. Brayam Cardona says:

    Is that beginner level??

  29. TJ max says:


  30. The DiamondBoy says:

    Proper welsh comentary on that game

  31. Michael Anderson says:


  32. hah nigga says:

    Is this on old gen or PC ?

  33. jacobcaronakatheg says:

    Thank you #gameroit

  34. emmanuel ESA says:

    you speak like jonny on love island

  35. thats tuff says:

    Ronaldo free kick is number 8. his celebration is number 80 and number 109

  36. thats tuff says:

    u could of set his free kick style like Ronaldo and his celebration

  37. Cobyx Universe says:

    Lovely play Scott. You can use the R2 button to request for a pass when you're open so try to play in position and stop running out of position. (Y)

  38. Fusion 11 says:

    are u on ps4 or xbox because i wanted to know if become a ledgebd id only on ps4

  39. Jordan Pieters says:

    Please continue with this series!Please

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