Right, whats up guys and welcome back to a brand new season of PES Become A Legend! I know how you guys enjoyed this series on PES 2016, so what better way to kick off the brand new football season with a brand new season of Become A Legend on PES 2017! This is arguably the best PES game Konami has rolled out in years and I am expecting big things from them this year! Join Zulfa on his journey to become the best football player in the world! Watch out Messi, theres a new kid on the block! 😉

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As per usual, let me know down in the comments on what you would like to see on the channel! Enjoy and always keep it real folks! 🙂


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  1. Max Schempp says:

    нихера играть не умеешь братан

  2. Sam Kol says:

    I like to clip you

  3. Ddshopdee ddshopdee says:


  4. knatethegreat08 says:

    how do you train my guys a 70 still after 1 and a half seasons

  5. Flow says:


  6. Mr Muàmar says:

    You didn't even set training points. Broooo

  7. GL Christensen says:

    I wish pes made a similar thing to Pro Clubs on Fifa or a BAL that mixed in with a Pro Clubs

  8. Shiba Tatsuya says:

    keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Joy the voice Kyllian et Joy says:

    is Navarro

  10. gabrielle clarke says:

    go with striker

  11. 9 apirl 2004 says:


  12. Radisa Raso says:

    how to create player like this

  13. Royal says:

    I like BAL, but the manager keeps picking really shit players in the starting line up. Got 80-90 rated players, but playing 65-75 players all the time and they are shit, constantly lose the ball and just can't do shit.

  14. Luka Colovic says:

    you are awesomeeeee, you will become 1mil subs youtuber ❤

  15. D Jallah Williams says:

    how do u call for ball on pes 2014 bal ps3 pls help me I'm ass at the game on bal and can't get no goals cause of this

  16. Sam Jones says:

    Do u play soccer

  17. Mohamed Salah says:

    is that version on pc or what ?

  18. sankalp datal says:

    zulfa was shit!!

  19. Auðunn Daníel Jónsson says:

    great video 🙂

  20. Njabs Nzimande says:

    stop ball hogging and pass the ball a lot more, come on dude, it's not that hard

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