PES 2017 BAL Farewell Match [Retirement]


  1. Ardnimation ID says:

    Tbh,i little bit disturbed with the fact that your club goal is just need 14 more to reach 1000 goals but well,thats a great stats

  2. Alexander Roy says:

    My rating is 96 now 🤣

  3. Pekwi Dota says:

    How can u get number 7? I never get my favorite number everytime i go to another club

  4. Cinnamon Roll says:

    How is Iniesta not retired but you are? He must be like 50 years old.

  5. yasser baghdali says:

    Wtf is those graphics

  6. Louis Jones says:

    It’s funny how he became a legend for Liverpool Chelsea Man United and Barcelona

  7. Belmin Salihovic says:

    Iniesta still playing in 2036 lol

  8. Chinmay Pednekar says:

    Where's messi and ronaldo?

  9. Lexy Tanaya says:

    He went to RM for only a half of a season.. lol.

  10. Dara Floyd says:


  11. Korčula Mapping says:

    Career is longer in pes but players dont get old any longer

  12. Takudzwa Munyafe says:

    hello man how do you even retire

  13. Jerry Favorito says:

    i wish Konami had all the licenses EA got. At least they are trying to make a better game while EA only wants to make more money

  14. alexxan says:

    was that x360?

  15. Alvin Halim Denatal says:

    how to retire on become a legend pes 2017????

  16. Depressed Boi says:

    they say pes is shit yet they have this and fifa dosent lol

  17. Grim Reaper says:

    how to retire in BAL? Where is the button for retire?

  18. Jeffrey Chong says:

    Is it possible to become a manager after retire from football career??

  19. kamel ghoul says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiice vid brother wow i love this mod very awesome

  20. pewz dap dap says:

    Wow you scored 986 goals just like romario ….. good video

  21. CreepyGuy. says:

    109 of overall? daaaamn xD

  22. Mickey says:

    you play 20 years?!!

  23. Ankit Saha says:

    In 2036, Terry must be 55 years old and James Rodriguez 44. How are they playing for Real Madrid? Absolutely ridiculous!

  24. Gaurav Productions says:

    Can anyone tell me how to take retirement from pes 2017 become a legend

  25. Rex Min says:

    How many clubs did this guys play for?!

  26. fluxi says:

    i'm rating 81 and playing at Real Madrid in 2019-2020 lol

  27. Emmanuel Wattimena says:

    Age ?

  28. هاله فايد says:

    ازاي اعتزل

  29. Kelly Okosodo says:

    Hey bro sorry help me out here… Am also playing BAL and my Player is in his 4th year in Barcelona 95 rating CMF… I can't see the retirement option in any of the menus

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