Peppermint Mocha Twist Cold Process Soap Making + The Peppermint Thief EXPOSED!! | Royalty Soaps

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♕ K A T I E ‘ S S O A P R E C I P E ♕

Olive Oil – 40%
Coconut Oil – 30%
Palm Oil (organic & sustainably sourced) – 20%
Sweet Almond Oil – 5%
Castor Oil – 5%

Superfat – 5%
Lye Concentration (ie. Lye Solution Strength) – 35%


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  1. stevesminty says:

    Oh, I think several many of us are interested in poor Kenny personally. XD

  2. Linlupin says:

    Candy canes are different in the sense that there’s like a million different flavours of em now. But the classic ones are just peppermint.

  3. king patrick says:

    I swear I’m going to end up buying 1 of every low top soap in this collection

  4. Jade Scott-Jones says:

    You know, If you turned the soap, so the toppings were against you not towards you, then any drag marks would curve towards the outside of the soap, instead of being dragged in towards the middle.

  5. Marissa Does Art says:

    Ok, that was hilarious!

  6. starzie says:

    love it! i need one! also, i have a suggestion!! what if you took q skewer or stick, after you poured the peppermint on top, and poked into the hot chocolate part? so it looked like the peppermint was melting into the hot chocolate!

  7. TreeStevens says:

    it's like playing operation..on a soap..😁

    edit: I have picked up so many spilled coffee grounds in my life from exploding coffee machines that I cringe when I see you putting them in or on soap. It takes FOREVER to make sure those coffee grounds arent in every single crevice, in my hair (which is 4 feet long). But to those who love it, more power to you. You totally rock. I just cant rock the bane of my existence which is coffee grounds. have a fantastic week Katie and royalty family.

  8. Cyndie Moore says:

    I love this video and candy canes do taste different. Also where did you say the mica came from? How do you like them?

  9. Vasundhara Gupta says:

    Really loved the side shot of the lye blending with the oils! SO SATISFYING!

  10. Vasundhara Gupta says:

    I am so excited about this combo soap!! Obsessed with both mint AND hot chocolate!

  11. Joe sunshine says:

    looks great ! one exception.. the coffee grounds on top…just no.

  12. Chloe P says:

    God I love the combination of peppermint and chocolate 😋 I was just looking at silicone moulds because I’m making chocolate peppermint truffles this year for Christmas, think I’ll make a big batch to take to my friends secret Santa barbecue and then both of my families Christmas- I am very excited

  13. Our kind of Wonderful says:

    Uno mas! In a cake is the same when I try to perfectly align candy flowers and I fuck up all my fucking meltdowns xD

  14. Callie Thompson says:

    I REALLY liked the watching the blending from the side of the container it looked so cool! The spinning at the end made me dizzy though…

  15. Kris Block says:

    It looks like a fudge I saw at the fair this summer, your top looks nicer though.

  16. Stacey Reed says:

    I know you think the part of your videos where you mix the oils with the lye solution is the most boring part is the most boring, but it's one of my favorite parts. Love the camera work you did in this video. Love all your videos and your soap.

  17. ComicChic says:

    love the new video format!

  18. Dawn Hannah says:

    I was thinking to myself at the end there “It would be funny if they included an outtake from the Queen’s cameo…” 🤔
    Was not disappointed! 😂

  19. Nichola says:

    I enjoyed the new angle of mixing the soap.
    I'd also love to see how you actually mix up the oils

  20. Carissa Winkless says:

    I died when kenny used the chopsticks. Y'all should totally use chopsticks more often!

  21. Adela Espinosa says:

    Can you make a chocolate abuelita or “Mexican hot chocolate” scented bar?!? If
    Buy 10 of them!!! Lol

  22. Three Chickadees Nursery says:

    I LOVE the way you videoed this! The pull back shots so we can see more of you and the studio was so, so refreshing! More of that please!

  23. cheryl blanc says:

    It looks like the game operation

  24. Borna Futivić says:

    11:32 Why does the Christmas calendar say there are 32 days left?

  25. Vee Dragon says:

    the silicone liner is not flopping, bless <3

  26. Libby Jones says:

    My favorites in a soap!

  27. Emily H. says:

    Katie I love your videos and they way you are 😊❤ greetings from Germany! 😘

  28. Brazen Hussy says:

    12:17.look at that face in the left bar.

  29. BulaBula Love says:

    I wonder why you say quick commercial break cause I rarely see a comercial at that moment… 🤷‍♀️

  30. BulaBula Love says:

    Love the new videography!!! So kewl to see the new way to add oils with the lye

  31. Diane Smigelski says:

    Omg Katie! That soap looks so yummy, I want to eat it. I bet it smells super. 😋

  32. T. Dee says:

    Candy canes are candy, very sweet. Peppermints are minty and freshen your breath. Peppermints win!

  33. rubygirl128 says:

    May I say the way y'all shot this video was excellent!! I laughed so much watching it! Y'all are the best!!! And your soaps are awesome!!

  34. middleC17 says:

    Yay for a Toy Story reference! Peppermints are my favorite candy.

  35. Tahneesmum says:

    We need more THE QUEEN on this channel 🙂

  36. Jodi Stanton says:

    They DO taste different! Candy canes seem to be more pure peppermint whereas Starkine mints (peppermint swirl candies) have a sweetness as well as a light, airy feel.

  37. Jason&Wifey Marine says:

    Oh I love the pov on the table while mixing. Super pleased

  38. Lisa Helling says:

    This video Katie is everything 😂😂

  39. Christian Laboy says:

    For your next years Christmas, it would be amazing if you could make a cookies and milk soap base and a Santa Claus hat high top. And maybe some chimney embeds. Also a baby Jesus inspired soap. :)!!! <3!!

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