Peppermint Mocha (Day 1)

Lovely voices feel warm and cool the soul’s ragged edges

Hot Chocolate:

It’s cold outside,
But you’re warm in here,
Under these blankets I hide,
Holding myself so near,

It’s snowin’ outside,
But I find I can’t care,
It’s not hard to decide,
When you’re right here,

It’s hard to hear dark voices,
When you’ve lit some candles,
It’s hard to make poor choices,
When you set good examples,

I’ve got too much peppermint,
In my heart,
So give me all your sentiments,
You’ve chilled me from the start,

You pour me a cup, pat my head,
Like you understand it,
So sweeten me up,
With a cup of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate


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