Pakistani Reacts To | Monti Roy – TikTok’s Most Beautiful Girl ya Sirf Ek Dhokha? | Triggered Insaan

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Pakistani Reacts To | Monti Roy – TikTok’s Most Beautiful Girl ya Sirf Ek Dhokha? | Triggered Insaan

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Make Love , Not War

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  1. Mr A.J says:

    That's why I love your videos
    At least you respected him

  2. Ankita Sharma says:

    Ab koi ispr bhi react krdo..pagal krdo logo ko 😂

  3. JAllAD says:

    Ladkiya bhi into sunder nhi hoti 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Rakesh Yadav says:

    Yad piya ki ane lagi song react

  5. Bharat ! says:

    Triggered insaam rocks.. Thx bro… Nice reaction 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  6. Madhav Gupta says:

    Bhai ye mackup artist hai

  7. Ashmit S says:

    Make up sakal badal sakti hai…. body language ladki jaisa karna… Kuchh to kamal hai is ladke me..

  8. Mahinder Guddo says:

    Who think they should react on dhirumonchik video

  9. Mohan Mehra says:

    Hattsoff for your talent 😙😁 real actor mr. Monti

  10. OMKAR GAMING YT says:

    React on carryminati latest video

  11. Sona Devdas says:


  12. Sameer Shah says:


  13. shreya Koley says:

    Monti Roy is a makeup artist

  14. Rohit Singh Rajput says:

    He is professional makeup artist…❤

  15. Kushank Singh says:

    Plzz react to the realistic dice – kitni bhi pe lu chadti hi nhi…plzzz guys I have been asking for this very long….

  16. hackers zone says:

    Goofyapa ki bhi video dekho

  17. Harshit Dhaker says:

    React carry's latest vedio

  18. abhishek yadav says:

    bhai only desi pe reaction do

  19. Mythologic Hindi says:

    Bhai carryminati new video reaction dona bhai

  20. shivanshu srivastava says:

    12:38 mumid bhai … Control kro sir ko🤣🤣

  21. uday parmar says:

    Carry minati new video not a dareing show wakkar jaka pe reaction do plz mumid bhai

  22. shivanshu srivastava says:

    11:18 sambhaalon sir apni ichaao ko🤣🤣😂😂
    Lots of love❤️

  23. Nikita Raghuwanshi says:

    Mumid very handsome yr,love frm india

  24. Ricky Anand says:

    do react on mardaani 2 trailer bro

  25. pooja says:

    Plz react on Sunny-Indian Idol

  26. u.l meena future's ias says:

    He is a make-up artist….
    He has a girl friend…
    Sulut to his talent…

  27. Ganja Burn says:


  28. Ritu Mahto says:

    Mumid u r too cute nd hndsm… Love from India ❤

  29. Ritwik Bhattacharya says:

    Background ka kya hogaya

  30. GOD Particle says:

    Puri feelings bahar aa rahi hai😂😂😂😂

  31. GOD Particle says:

    Monti Roy is makeup artist

  32. Dibyasha Das says:

    Montii Roy is a makeup artist & his video is osm 👍👍👍

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