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  1. Matt Domingo says:

    you nailed it Archie, excellent review! he didn’t pay you enough for your advice. a pimple on a 🐝 🍆 🤣🤣 15:28

  2. Scott SJ says:

    Poor guy paid Phatso 100 dollars to be insulted many times. He is new to Watches. I mean Gshock and Tissot are not luxury watches. He is asking for your help. The Rolex AD will rip him off for sure. Giving him the two watch deales to go too is really good advice. I personally hate Rolex AD's unless they can give you something good at MSRP.

  3. Scott Burnett says:

    Arch at his best, brilliant FMD!🤣

  4. Arnold Jenkins says:

    Archie you're an absolute legend! love from UK Archie

  5. Fredrik29Sweden says:


  6. Mad Man says:

    I have to agree this guy is a moron.

  7. Dori Cohen says:

    100$ to be insulted and stepped on by the pontiff. Now that’s a good way to spend your money

  8. Underdog says:

    lange and bretling and a rose gold casio, boy will he miss that tissot for a beautifully curated collection.

  9. Lulo Lee says:

    Truth hurts, but there isn't more positive things than the Truth. Archie is like a doctor, does painful injections so the patient is much better off later.

  10. Underdog says:

    killer extended intro 12" version!

  11. Diego OG says:

    One of my partners recently bought 3 "hot" models on his first ever visit to an AD… however he also purchased 3 Day-Dates on the same day, 2 of them for his top employees.

    Posted a video on my channel

  12. Nate Oh says:

    i even had to skip through that garbage.

  13. Horace Phistbump says:

    "Athletic build" from Sydney. Phat Bogan Kunt like Pluta more like

  14. Sung-Man Shin says:

    Rather spend 100bucks for foot massage

  15. kaypee1972 says:

    What was his complaint about the Milgauss bezel?

  16. Dis Count says:

    archie …….youre lucky people have no idea ……..or youd have to go and get a JARRRRB

  17. phootluke1 says:


  18. Dis Count says:

    some GURUS have absolutely no scruples

  19. Jimmy 666 says:

    Yeh thats you fatboy! No idea about anything except on how to get fatter by the month!!!

  20. SpaghettiKillah says:

    FMD I got divorced in the time it took to read that novel 😂😂

  21. TheMGsooner says:

    Still with the Goldberg video. Fuck.

  22. AJ911 says:

    King Edward potato head with wire wool hair

  23. Mick Mick says:

    Show is DEAD!

  24. udin737 says:

    Says the guys who have no job and no expertise. Hahahaha 🤣

  25. Kat Max says:

    He’d of been better phoning the Police.

  26. Bud Dastud says:

    You don’t go from a breitling to a skydweller , and everything in between. New wannabe is what he is.

  27. Bud Dastud says:


  28. mac 269 says:

    review the Filippo Loreti

  29. Serpent76 says:

    Your Cheap Son of a Bitch!…Fuck! me Dead! and Suck! Nuts Archible! Fuck!!!

  30. Sam S. says:

    Nice one Arch.

  31. ihopetowin says:

    FMD, I'll come back in 10 minutes.

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