Valentus SlimRoast Coffee

Valentus offers a small range of drink powders for weight loss, digestive health, immune system functions and energy. May of this falls under the Prevail brand, Valentus being latin for “prevail”.
This products include SlimROAST coffee and are supposed to boost health, vitality and nutrition. They’re made with the “purest natural ingredients”. Here’ a closer look at what’s in these supplements:
*Green Coffe Bean Extract
* Ginseng
* Maca
* Rhodiola Rosea
* Gotu Kola
* Guarana seed
* Dandelion root
* L- carnitine Fumarate


Crash Cravings
Increase Energy
Support fat metabolism and nourish the body to support weight loss
Support the body’s own natural sugar levels
Support mood and focus
Support your body’s cardiovascular system

Price: 1 Jar of SlimRoast Coffee – PHP 3,500

For orders please contact:

Facebook Messenger:
Contact number: 09056960328

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  1. mekmek salazar aberin says:

    Hi..gusto ko yan itry

  2. Jamer Branzuela says:

    Wla ba syang palpitation?

  3. Ellen Ignacio says:

    Try ko din beshie yang Valentus coffee na yan❤️

  4. Mikai Castillo says:

    Miss na kita!!! Wala ba yan pagtatae or yung I'm so dying feeling?

  5. Summer Ramirez says:

    FDA approved ba?

  6. ARIA says:

    Wow ang laki ng change for a short span of time paano pa kaya pag tinuloy tuloy

  7. Pia Besmonte says:

    Nakoooo makapag ipon na nga at mukhang kakailanganin ko na din besh! Bukod sa coffee lover ako eh bumibigat na din..
    Ang daya ng katawan mo ah di halata sa braso kaya pala lagi upper body ang shot besh! Hahaha!!!
    GREAT JOB sa ginawa mong iyan!

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