Ovilee May on What It’s Like Working for Riot Games


  1. KommanderWar says:

    RITO GOMES tá famosa né mano..

  2. wade johnson says:

    You need to fix your audio problems you can't hear people talking and this is the second video like this.

  3. TheNinjaMx says:

    This Show is So good!

  4. Zhello says:

    Nice video

  5. 7down bo says:

    2nd episode

  6. BeAsTLy CT says:

    I love both of your personalities

  7. Pontius888 says:

    Loved this and I love you Naomi!!!!

  8. Joshua McDonell says:

    Well done Naomi. Good interview and funny to boot. Just wish they were a little shorter. Never have time to finish them.

  9. bigdog12088 says:

    Dat neck tho mmmmm

  10. Gerrit Indoe’s Gaming says:

    Awesome video Naomi!👍❤️

  11. Ben Lynn says:

    Ovilee May is Awesome!

  12. Deon Spates says:


  13. George Naranjo says:

    So beautiful

  14. plnkfloydian says:

    Very cool 👍

  15. Lloyd Nance says:

    Very cool.

  16. Anthony Guadalupe says:

    We love you Naomi 😊

  17. Ritesh Sharma says:


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