Our Universe May Really Be a Sphere, Scientists Say

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Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians believed the Earth was a flat disk, floating in an ocean. Greek poet Homer supported a similar idea, as did ancient Norse, Germanic and Chinese cultures.

Gradually the concept of a spherical Earth spread. Pythagoras was an early adopter and helped advance this in Greece. And by the 17th century, Isaac Newton more accurately described the Earth as an ellipsoid with a very slight bulge at the equator.

Curiously, a similar shift in ideology concerning the universe’s shape may be occurring. A new study from the University of Manchester, University of Rome and Paris Institute of Astrophysics argues our Universe is actually a closed, inflating sphere that is curved. This is controversial… because the widely accepted inflation theory naturally predicts a flat universe.
“Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology,” Valentino, Melchiorri, Silk (2019):

Quanta Magazine article, N. Wolchover:

BOSS Survey:

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  1. Overgrownwart says:

    The universe isn’t actually spherical in a literal sense right? More like it’s a 4D sphere with a curved 3D surface that we live on. This would explain why there is no “edge” or “centre” of the universe because you would have to travel through the forth dimension to get there. This might also help explain dark energy because if this 4d sphere is expanding then the surface would also be expanding but at an accelerating rate. I don’t know if there’s any validity to this but it seems plausible to me.

  2. x3ph34r says:

    I'm gonna be real. I never thought about the universe as 'flat'. I always just assumed it was spherical. Not through any smart reason, it's just how I always interpreted different pictures and things from scientific reports. Wow.

  3. Stig Martin says:

    Well, isn’t that obvious considering a Big Bang wouldn’t produce a one sided universe, it would be like an explosion is all around the object exploding?

  4. 2.0023193 says:

    It is kind of misleading to not mention that when cosmologists talk about the universe being a sphere, they talk about a 3dimensional sphere S³ instead of a 2 dimensional sphere S² (which can be embedded in a flat 3 dimensional space), which is what most people think about when they hear the word sphere. You made it especially confusing by also mentioning the earth, which is a 2 dim sphere embedded in a flat 3d space. A spatially spherical universe as discussed in the paper could only be embedded in a flat 4d space, something which can't be easily visualised.

  5. Dale Hutchins says:

    Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt did not believe that

  6. HypnoPants says:

    I mean, why not? Everything else in nature seems to default to a sphere 😀

  7. Andrey Lebedenko says:

    Closed universe makes total sense especially together with the nested universes hypothesis.

  8. Richard P 765 Dyxrytru says:

    What I've learned is, if you place your palm in front of mouth :
    and say
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuu = cool air
    haaaaaaaaaaaaa = hot air

  9. wesley rodgers says:

    So. It's a no braner. (Sorry).

  10. Sam Franklin says:

    I actually read this paper, thanks for the awesome video on it

  11. Sticky Steve says:

    Interesting video, ty.
    Let's wait until the other measurements are in before we get too excited

  12. Johnny Allen says:

    The Universe is ever expanding in all directions, it's not flat or round.

  13. Mr Artificial Intelligence says:

    It's very counterintuitive to imagine that the universe is flat

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