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Musclex Mini Massager



Night Market in Haeundae

Spicy Rice Cake shop in Night Market

Pavox Bar

Salt Kitchen

Carin Cafe


What I’m wearing.

#Hourglass vanish brush.
#Concealer #Nars
Chanel #cushion “healthy glow gel touch foundation”
#YSL matte #10.
Chanel rouge allure #960.
#ShuUemura eyebrow pencil.
#Chanel universal powder.
#Kissme eyeliner (dark brown).
#Urbandecay eye glitter.
#Mac #soba eyeshadow.
#Bobbibrown eye definer brush.
#Shiseido eyelash curler.

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35 thoughts on “Our first trip to Busan, Korea! Best KBBQ, Pancakes, and Cafes!

  1. Hey Coco, I love watching your videos and love seeing your friendships, especially with Tina because both of you have playful personalities like me. I like how you shared the behind the scenes with your jobs, your insecurities, and overall are a nice fun person. I discovered Eddie’s channel because of your “boyfriend” videos with him.

    This week I came across a video of Eddie talking about the desire of Korea to have light skin and that it’s only preference that does not mean anything, it doesn’t affect people, and it’s not a problem that can be fixed. He compared it to people in the US getting tans on vacation and believes people who have an issue are lovers of drama or online trolls.

    It literally brought me to tears and I’m almost 30. It’s probably something bizzare to say but all of my life I have seen imbedded in culture that brown people are not pretty and that we need to fix our appearance. When US media started showing more brown faces and more people with non-chemically altered hair, I started to feel more confident. When I saw the video, it made me think so the belief that people of color aren’t pretty is still in the minds of younger generations. I began to wonder does CoCo agree with Eddie that this does not affect people. I like music and watching YouTube and I don’t expect you anyone to really change but I just wanted to share that colorism really impacts people. It can make people question will I ever be acceptable. Though I know that acceptance is not something you should look to from others but it still hurts when people who you like may think it’s okay to promote paleness as beautiful and color is not.

  2. I love this video.
    DISCLAIMER: This video WILL make you hungry! 😀 😀
    I started to watch the video, got hungry, pause the video, went to make some food and then came back to watch the video. 😀

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