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  1. Mary Jane Perez says:

    After size Age is supose to go first

  2. ann jean says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Deepti Jain says:

    Hey I hate you and the world also because I saw your video for my English exam and that full question went wronh

  4. Amrita Mani says:

    Please make of just number,opinion,size,are,colour,origin,porpose I will be waiting for that video

  5. Mmeri Don says:


  6. black pink says:

    This video show our teacher in school and this is my favorite song

  7. Khalid Hameed says:

    Nice song😜😀

  8. OhMyHeyNow says:

    i love it 🙂

  9. Jin Oh says:

    haha this video sooooooo cringy

  10. SSJB VEGITO says:

    It should be age first then shape but overall it was nice 👌

  11. Laidy_susachinese love says:

    I Love the song but,, someone knows, What is the article ?

  12. Sudhier Kumar says:

    Nice method of teaching

  13. Colds_ StormYT says:

    It help me with homework

  14. RainbowLianne GT says:

    best learning vid ever!

  15. Renato Medina says:

    cringiest song i've ever heard

  16. Renato Medina says:

    this is the cringiest song i've ever heard

  17. Eddyn Roe501 says:

    Age comes first then shape right?

  18. Xyndox Gaming says:

    shape and age are jumbled

  19. mirtes watanabe says:

    Loved it! Thanks

  20. Mateo Francisco Jara Mesia says:

    si lo lees dale a like >:v

  21. ปรียภัสร์ ชมชาติ says:


  22. Atitaya Pornpanarat says:

    Size age shape color

  23. katrine tan says:

    it helps me review on my test

  24. วทิพร เครือพันธุ์ says:

    So cute😍🤔😻

  25. angelu dianne sistoza says:

    age first before shape

  26. Nisha says:

    I love this song

  27. Vik says:


  28. Mona Montoye says:

    Several resources show that age comes before shape???

  29. Jessica JC says:

    Muchas gracias. Lo aprendí rápido.

  30. Cristina Ayala says:

    Really good! 🙂 It easier to me memorize the song

  31. Mark Smomi says:

    THANK you! catchy tune too!

  32. Tryce_R says:


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