Order of Adjectives in English

Believe it or not, there is a specific order that adjectives follow when English speakers are describing something. In this lesson, I discuss this order, so you will never have to feel embarrassed about your word order again. This is helpful in writing, as well as speaking. For more of my free English writing lessons, visit my section at

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  1. OBOLOCHKA says:

    10 years ago))

  2. Ira Alexandra says:

    If the opinion goes before fact adjectives, why did you say "old boring teacher????"

  3. XÊ RÂY OÁTE SƠN says:

    the large red Vietnamese plane
    Is a beautiful big car

  4. kings killer says:

    You are excellent teacher in arabic أنت إستاذ ممتاز

  5. noufiyahanoop hanoop says:

    We study with a trick like saying it as nosqascomp

  6. noufiyahanoop hanoop says:

    What about number quality

  7. Saira Noor says:

    why this orders are not same in all videos ?

  8. Giovanni Raineri says:

    the soud in backgorund ahaha it's a lambo thanks for your lesson

  9. M7MD says:


  10. Piyush Ksheersagar says:

    organic comes under which category of adjective?

  11. Manuel José García Rodríguez says:

    Please help me out, or correct me if i'm wrong.
    I have always noticed how many teachers explain the order of the adjectives.
    but i haven't come across their explaining in how to modify a particular part in a complex noun.
    for example, INDIVIDUAL "achievement award application". In my opinion the adjective Individual is modifying the whole complex noun, but what if i need to modify a specif part of that complex noun?
    what if i want to modify "achievement" with the adjective INDIVIDUAL?
    I think this should be something like this: award application of INDIVIDUAL achievement?
    (I know all of this doesnt make sense but it is just for the sake of learning.)
    Note the introduction of "of" ( award application of INDIVUAL achievement)
    what if i want to modify "award" with INDIVIDUAL.

    This should be something like this.
    INDIVIDUAL award application of achievement?
    the question now though is, is INDIVIDUAL modifying only "award" or modifyng "award appliction of achievement?

    Maybe for lack of a better example i have chosen these scenario, but in my native language the position of the adjective es very important and we don´t have so many adjective compounds with nouns.
    For this we use entonation for differentiate when an adjective modify a complex noun (using "of" in SPANISH) or we position it next to the noun.

    Thanks for your reply.

  12. Vasanthakumar E says:

    Hi Alex,
    Please confirm the correct order.
    1. Number

    2. Opinion

    3. Size

    4. Age

    5. Shape

    6. Colour

    7. Origin

    8. Material

    9. Purpose

    or NOSASCMOP? Which one is correct?

  13. الدخس ؟ says:


  14. asaad al-fares says:

    You are a wonderful teacher but ….

  15. aim says:

    Thank u

  16. Pradeep Kripalani says:

    Alex u r a good teacher.its request pls make video of adjectives ending with ed nd ing

  17. Boom Kute says:

    OSASCOMP add Noun ? Is it correct?

  18. Olivier Samor says:

    I think you're wrong there, it should be Origin before Material

  19. Shea 03 says:

    "How aboot" lol

  20. Angel Avril says:

    I think the order of adjectives is:


  21. shivi1 vishu19 says:

    It's dosascomp not osascomp you missed the determiner. It comes before the opinion

  22. aiman rasheed says:

    Are there many standard approaches for ordering adjectives in a sentence ,because I noticed some differences in the videos I watched.

  23. Touzel Vergouv says:

    Hi how are you? Hope your doing great! I learned a lot from you!

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