What’s the correct order of adjectives?
A simple rule of English grammar is that adjectives come before the nouns that they modify or describe.
But when there is more than one adjective before the noun, then these adjectives must follow the rule of order.

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And here’s the right order:
DETERMINER a, an, the, two, third, her, their, this, those, several, some
OPINION beautiful, difficult, expensive, gorgeous, amazing, fantastic, horrible, awful, terrible
SIZE big, little, small, enormous, large, massive, tall, short, tiny
PHYSICAL QUALITY smooth, blunt, sharp, rough, soft, hard, squishy, bouncy
SHAPE oval, round, square, rectangular, flat, cylindrical, right-angled
AGE new, old, young, ancient, modern, teenage
COLOUR yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, reddish, black, white, grey
ORIGIN American, Asian, British, German, Thai, African, Chinese, Indian, Himalayan
MATERIAL gold, silver, wooden, synthetic, leather, metal, cotton, paper
PURPOSE sleeping, sewing, washing, dining, frying, winter, holiday,
NOUN bag, dog, car, hotel, table, purse, man, alien, blanket, holiday #grammar #writing #skooll

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  1. I'm sorry sir.becuse I'm very poor in English.but I really enjoy this lesson.I think I learn a lot of word and things.I hope You will bring a most beautiful lessons in my student life. Thank You sir .I pray to God You will so well…..

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