We’re excited to bring you a new vlog series of Resort Reviews to showcase the wonderful resorts available in #Samoa and other parts of the world as well. To kickoff our #ResortReview series, we are sharing with you our stay at the beautiful Orator Hotel, nestled in the lush mountains of Upolu.

Orator Hotel

Phone: 29136
Google Map: Orator Hotel
Tanumapua Village Alafaalava Road, Alafa’alava Rd, Aleisa
Mapping Plus Code: 45XJ+QH Siusega

Full disclosure, the Orator Hotel owners blessed our family by providing our accommodations and meals during our stay. That said, you can tell that our reactions are completely genuine and we would never tell you to go enjoy something that’s less than incredibly impressive! Massive thanks to the Orator Hotel and your team for the beautiful accommodations and for providing such awesome discounts for the JAMily! Massive thanks to all of our JAMily for watching, sharing, and loving our channel! Much alofas! Now come visit Samoa and enjoy a stay at the Orator Hotel!!

Thank you so much for continuing to watch our little family’s journey. We are SO GRATEFUL for all of your comments, well-wishes, encouragement, and of course, for your Thumbs Ups, Sharing, and Subscribing! Thank you for telling us about you and your families! Thank you for watching together as families! It means SO, so much to us! If you haven’t yet had a chance to SUBSCRIBE, we would so appreciate it if you would consider doing so!

Much alofa from Samoa!

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  1. Valaaufaatasi Fauea says:

    Your girls are gorgeous 💖👍☝

  2. Hiroko Kepu says:

    Thanks! Will absolutely consider for Xmas vacation

  3. Laifoni says:

    Awesome Joe and Family….great video thanks so much

  4. Jetsio Manuna says:

    great video guys, the chop suey looked a little anemic for my liking however overall nice vid

  5. Nana'i Enekosi Si'u says:

    Hi Alisa And Joe suga you guys are doing a top job advertises the counter to word keep up, be cool faafetai lave and the kids

  6. Leka Mu says:

    Amazing love ur channel 👍👍👍

  7. David Toloumu says:

    When auntie Della and I come to Samoa, we want to stay at this resort, and you (Joe & Alisha) are taking us to all these eateries. Fanks very much. Love you guys!!

  8. Josin 1 says:

    ✌ &❤!

  9. Tini Satala says:

    Lovely couple with a nice trip to mah island..go to Savaii..

  10. Rangiteaorere Hepi says:

    …I'm a Maori, …. and we eat Spaghetti or baked beans for breakfast too… we tend to eat savoury breakfast too… must be a Poly thing..😂🤣 Great video… Faafetai lava

  11. LaydeeTré says:

    Your wife Alicia sorry if I mispelt her name….can pronounce the fa'samoa language really well👍

  12. LaydeeTré says:

    Beautiful family inside and out….love the review would be nice to visit there one day

  13. Vitz sua says:

    Awesome reviews ❤️

  14. Tali says:

    stayed there 2016 or was it 2015 but anyhu pool still looks the same! where did u say the 2 guys were? Timbuktoo? Breakfast was good and yes too many mozzies but given where its at theyre excused.

  15. Sole Hozy says:

    Is that American Samoa

  16. Etelei Kuata - Fiapai says:

    Aww you both are too funny & cute! Yay thank you for doing a review on hotels always wanted to know what it's like inside and their services too I love the greenery scenery thanks Jamily TV your doing a great job 👍🏽❤️

  17. Bolo kefe says:

    Been there and it wasnt a good stay. only has one swimimg pool in the hotel and lazy services and one of there staff stole one of the costomer wallet and only return when the police got involved with no money? Never again.

  18. ramona helg says:

    Great review appreciate the honesty and patience, Love that you're promoting Samoa keep the videos coming, making want to move back there❤️💖💗


    Loved this resort review Fams!!!
    Hahahaha @ the bug spray lol

  20. Taoipu Pauli says:

    Hi guys thanks for the video it's beautiful your guys are awesome love yall GB💝✌

  21. AzX3 says:

    Great review guys!👍🏽🤙🏽 As always, very entertaining and video editing is on point. Much alofas

  22. Vaughan Mitchell says:

    Fantastic video yet again guys! My family and i usually watch you on TV via youtube and we don't get the chance to comment so i thought i'd jump on to say THANK YOU for all the great work you're doing to grow Tourism in Samoa. We go to Samoa often as my Fiance Fatu is from there (I'm from the cook islands) and i ALWAYS leave heartbroken and in tears because i never want to leave! I strongly feel that Samoa is SO underrated and the world is missing out on it's beauty. Thank you for your hardwork, time and effort you put into your content, we hope to bump into you guys on our next Samoa Trip! From the Su'a family in Auckland, NZ 🙂

  23. Faga F says:

    I remember this hotel yeah my experience in that hotel wasn’t the best I broke my teeth 🦷 in the pool and also there was glass in the pool and I stepped on over 7 I’m Samoan as well so I’m use to the pain

  24. Vaalotu Iakopo says:

    Awesome video brother

  25. Salu Stone says:

    Thank you.👍🏼😁❤️

  26. Eseta Moors says:

    Where exactly in Apia is this hotel

  27. Eseta Moors says:

    Sorry I mean sapasui

  28. Eseta Moors says:

    Nice food especially luau.But that Saladin needs a bit more sauce it looks white

  29. Malia Mitchell says:

    The owen the Hotel pay you guys to advertising his Hotel for the people come to Samoa or you guys are trying to help the owner of the Hotel getting his business going?

  30. Malia Mitchell says:

    Are you guys staying in the Hotel? Are you guys working with the manager Hotel. Joe it not finemat mat falalili, finemata ietoga E faasa ona e soli ina ietoga lana o mea sina a Samoa,

  31. julio abreu says:


  32. Caroline Fealofai says:

    Great review very informative great pictures you guys present and comment well on everything. Now I just need to come and experience.

  33. Ina Fuimaono says:

    The bloopers thou😂😂
    That sunday feast look bombs👌👌 Love the matching outfits too fams! 😘❤❤

  34. tmisa82 says:

    Can you guys do resort / hotel reviews in American Samoa also?

  35. Coco L says:

    Hey guys. Love your vids.

    But I've been there and it was the worst stay.

    Maybe they just put it on for you's ………… God bless. 🇼🇸🙏🏾💯

  36. Hazel Sogimaletavai says:

    Could you got to Apia moototua please

  37. Yvette Smith says:

    Talofa to my favs xo

  38. _ OneLove says:

    Love the matching outfits!!

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