OPPO AX5s Review || A Good Budget Phone || Part 2


  1. Steve Rambo says:

    Do you happen to know how to remove multiple home screens? Also how to remove apps on my home screen? I'm need to a Oppo phone and I have no idea what I'm doing

  2. Hayden FC says:

    I'm using the oppo Reno 10x zoom

  3. Hayden FC says:

    One of my fav budget phone

  4. Mya Hill says:

    A3s or AX5s?

  5. JellyBeanPean Gaming says:

    Should I get the ax5s or Samsung a20

  6. Games City says:

    Btw it is aultra Wide Engle

  7. Anil George says:

    A30 orAx5s ?

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