33 thoughts on “Oppo A9 2020 Quad Camera Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

  1. Only unboxing, Please make video with pro and cons. Many phones review you missed.
    Unboxing available many platform on YouTube, Please make Review also…….

  2. Can u please compare mi a3 display with other amoled and ips and review it because mi a3 is excellent device with 720p display..

  3. @Geekyranjit – My area is a reception black hole. Not every high end hardware translates to a good phone( eg. calling).My old OP2 was great while it lasted. I want to know which phones nowadays can give us the best reception and great hardware at the same time? You are one of the few who almost regularly covers cell reception quality, but can you post a video that covers this topic comprehensively?

  4. I won't buy this phone even for 10k. HD LCD screen, no fast charging, processor not so great, color os. Realme 5/mi A3 is better than this …

  5. Plz make the video different between exynon and snapdragons processors…guys those who want this video like here untill reach our ranjit …

  6. Sir which phone would be the best to buy from realme 3pro ,vivo z1x or vivo z1pro? Which will you suggest among these three any more suggestions?

  7. You have to improve your sound quality coz in your video sound comes really low .. and its not possible to hear in mobail phone.. and yours video is really nice 👍

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