OnePlus 7T Unboxing – The Price Is Right?


  1. Danial Esrin says:

    2:22 for a surprise

  2. Daryll Dela Rosa says:

    Is Lew on crack or some shit?

  3. Michael Wise says:

    I'm sold, I'm getting the 7pro thought… Sounds like a great phone.. i can't wait

  4. SerfNinja says:

    Why 7t model has different shaped camera in different markets? This looks like7t no-pro as sold in my country… I think i will Just get the old 7 pro, at least i know what i am getting.

  5. Koltin Driver says:

    Screw Apple. This phone IS the future

  6. E-MAD says:

    This video's duration is 9:11


  7. GOLD3N KID says:

    7:54 at 0.25 speed
    When he drops the soap

  8. Noob Gaming ツ says:

    They should have just go with the samsung Camera design(s10 series) on The back. Not a Circle thing that Can be always be covered and Dirty(smudges) when playing on Landscape.

  9. Irgendein Pfosten says:

    Trying to show 90hz refreshment rate on a 30fps Video 😂👍

  10. Gulshan Sharma says:

    No one
    Literally no one.

    Willy du : uh huh
    ~ 2019

  11. GABRIEL AVILA says:

    Try out the ONEPLUS© 7T PRO AT U.S COMING SOON👉 11/23/19
    Like if you want this to happen!!!👍👍✨✨🌟👉📱

  12. Chux Diaz says:

    I love this phone.

  13. Skeptik 670 says:

    Does this phone have wireless charging?

  14. Joaquin Ruiz says:

    I think I'll getting this phone because of the book.

  15. murali prasad says:

    Unbox the one plus 7t pro mclaren edition

  16. Dreamer says:

    So awesome having the other guy in the vid really adds to the productions also it was cool you showed the reviewer guide!

  17. Romeos Sandorini says:

    Hey ALL, finally got my flagship oneplus 7T the 8GB ram, 256G storage edition. But damn I experience some horrible issue, while typing both with gboard and SwiftKey, I get a decent amount of typos, even on cheaper pocophone I didn't have such terrible accuracy on keyboard touch sensors. Oneplus has any plans fixing this?

  18. turok makto says:

    I love this more than I phone, but why did that go down on front face from 16 to 12 mxp on the OnePlus 7T this almost makes me want to get the OnePlus 7 for the front face.

  19. aneen myburgh says:

    Cute dog ugly phone

  20. aman gadpale says:

    3:49 at extreme right hand side , I was scared first

  21. Aashish Kumar says:

    Hoping someone will buy for me 😅

  22. Gal says:


  23. YogurtBuah says:

    Im not one of your subscriber but i watch your video often. 😁

  24. Mad-Man Ashish says:

    7:56 you nailed it. It reminds me of Tarzan 😂

  25. Mohamed S. Hassan says:

    OnePlus 7T or Samsung Galaxy S10!??

  26. majid masihzadeh says:


  27. Fred Michaud says:

    Face unlock reaction make me laugh 😂

  28. fahad naem says:

    dont know why but that scream had me dying laughing..

  29. ITZ SiMoN says:

    Why am I watching this when I have a samsung galaxy s10 plus?

  30. temptationseven says:

    Can I use this phone with Verizon wireless?

  31. grace gem says:

    How do you buy oneplus phones

  32. Afeef Kp says:

    Can you give to me…

  33. Aviyan Baral says:

    Watching this on one plus 7t 😂

  34. hollywood1513 says:

    UPDATE: Approximately one week later, the proximity sensor is acting up all the time now. Tap to wake and lift to wake don't work when I pull the phone out of my pocket. Also, I've noticed a couple more annoying issues: 1) the volume rocker changes media volume by default instead of ring volume. So if you on your home screen and try to volume up/down, it change media volume even if media isn't playing at the time. You also can't adjust volume from lock screen. 2) if you're listening to Google play, you can't play/pause or change track from the lock screen. Really annoying.

    I've had this phone for almost 2 weeks. As much as I want to love it, there are some really frustrating things that have me considering a return:
    1) Touch to wake and ambient display don't work with a screen protector on. I've tried glass, matte, and clear. They all cause issues. I've read that it has something to do with where these sensors are located (directly below the notch). So no screen protector it is I guess.
    2) Not compatible with Fitbit.
    3) Android auto issues. If I connect the phone to my car to use the in-car display for navigation, Waze doesn't work. It tells me I have to open the app on my phone first, which it won't let me do when the phone is connected. Waze works fine when it's not connected to my car. Google Maps does seem to work via Android auto though.
    3) If you're in a social media app and the first two posts in the timeline are videos, the one at the very top doesn't auto play. Instead, the second post will start auto playing because it's in the middle of the screen. The only way to get the top post to play is to click into the actual post. The video can't be viewed from the timeline because you can't drag it down into the right zone.
    4) Can't dismiss or preview notifications from the "first" lock screen (if you have face unlock enabled).
    5) Weather info doesn't display on lock screen.
    6) SMS notification sounds weren't working until I set the native messaging app as the default.

    If anyone knows how to solve any of these issues, I'd be interested to learn.

  35. Topu says:

    Let's jump into 'it' being the box XD

    Gonna smash the phone be4 unboxing it LOL

    Um, I still prefer the OnePlus 7 Pro over just the 7T cuz 7 Pro has no notch, smooth 90Hz, as well as a larger battery. The only reason I'd go for the 7T is just the fast processor being Snapdragon 855+ 😉

    Honestly, the best thing about the 7T is just the price and a faster processor being Snapdragon 855+, making it one of the best smartphones between mid-range and flagship smartphones 🙂

  36. ΞЯOIЯ-X says:

    What carriers does this work with in the U.S

  37. Sohail Shaikh says:

    Bhai log ek rikvest hai mai oneplus 7T lu ya nahi pleasesssssssssss batov plssss

  38. Rajat Saini says:

    i have OP 7T. i buy this before a week. it was hanging and freezing.what i do. don't know what is OnePlus doing.

  39. Steve OJW says:

    Hi unbox therapy…
    What watch is Lewis wearing?
    It looks really cool 😁

  40. Pramathesh Nandan says:

    What the fuck is that dog upto?

  41. Gal says:

    Wasn't mentioned:
    1. No support for Qualcomm Quick Charge. Now, before you guys all start with "but warp is so fast" . Try charging a OnePlus with a powerbank. It's slow. Why? No QC support.
    2. Screen is just 1080p. Sure, it's ok, but it's not great. I would have liked to see it up close next to the OnePlus 7 Pro .
    3. Still very unclear the whole water resistance.

  42. teng9036 says:

    unbox process not appreciate product at all, attitude/behaviour has decided the review is bad. Waste of time no point at all this review.

  43. allen mobley says:

    I have no idea why no matter how good One Plus phones sound I'm so nervous to buy one. I do however love my Pixel 3a

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